Mirrors. Seeing. (1)

[Sensuality is not the same as eroticism. Here’s what I’m learning.]


sensual picture of a woman covering her breasts, shot from below


This is not my edge.

I love this body.
Love it. Accept it. All.
Head to toe.
Heart to pussy.

Love + respect + play + joy with this body.
Dark + sad + fear with this body.
Of this body.

When I am naked the sexy beast is easy to find.

Rooms of dark, light,
softness and hard edges,
gilt, and sacristies,
dirty lofts, and kitchen tables.

Naked, the Sensual She rolls forth, in all seasons, in all moods.

Clothes off: senses on.

Tap my fingers on the eggshell of your desire
Open it with my mouth on your earlobe
See your woozy breathing
Hear the seeds of sighs; growing: ascending
Smell your musky, sweaty (please god, now) sexiness

Hold my naked hips; I’ll ride you everywhere.


But, this is not my edge.


::: ::: ::: :::

What happens next? Check

Mirrors. Seeing. (2)

Mirrors. Seeing. (3)



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