2015: Pick Your Song!

It’s 01/01/2015.
The big question looms: How will you live it?

There are some lovely ways to think about this question.

Some folks pick a color for the year.

Some folks suggest you pick a word.

One gal suggested you write yourself a letter from your December 2015 self.
(I might do this one.)

I like these ideas.


In all honesty, I was not ‘sold’ on all this ‘pick one!’ stuff originally.
Sometimes this shit feels cheezy.

But I like the idea of having something to hold on to through the year – a guide or touchstone.
When we feel pushed or pulled outside ourselves, these kinds of things can bring us back to some truth or goal we knew in early, dark days of the year.

I also like the idea of how a guiding word, color, or goal can keep us mindful through the year.
If we take the time to relate to our goal, color, word, etc. it can help us see the world in different ways. Such a practice keeps us connected to this moment or this day in a way that is different from our usual habit.

Mindfulness is good.


sparkles from water on a tree, frozen during winter time


In this ‘in-between’ space between Christmas and the New Year there is a lot of openness and flexibility. I often feel most connected to myself in these kinds of spaces.
More relaxed (at least, after the holiday hubbub has subsided).
Fewer expectations.

In this kind of space my heart is more open.
Open to what might be.

I am open to what is really true.
About me.
About my life.
About what I want.
Or what my heart wants.

And when I find that truth – what my heart wants – I need a way to hold on to it.
The truths of the heart are so easily lost.    (I know you know this.)

So, a color, a word, a letter…they help us hold that truth and keep it in our pocket – like a small stone – all year long.
Its weight touches our leg.
We can touch it gently with our palm.
Over the year it becomes a part of our life.


I invite you to pick a word, a color, write a letter, whatever floats your boat.
My offering is this: pick a song for your year.

Not the song you think your year will be like. (no no no!)

The song you want your year to be like.
The song that will guide you.
The song that opens your heart.
The song that renews your world.

Pick one.
And tell me what it is! (Right there, in the comments!)

To all my lovelies who get this via RSS, please come over and share if you’ve picked a song. I would love to hear your voices and wishes here!

Oh, I almost forgot: my song is “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon.
(There is a great line in it “…this woman is my destiny…” – I am my own destiny this year.)

All my love and blessings for a sacred, sensual, joyful 2015-


3 Responses to 2015: Pick Your Song!

  1. Tanya Geisler January 3, 2015 at 9:49 am #

    Someone decreed that my song for 2015 oughtta be “Imma be” by BEP. I’m less certain but open to seeing what else shows up.
    As for the letter…doooooo eeeeeeeet! Clear, easy and deceptively simple.
    2015 is looking good.

    • Joanna M. January 6, 2015 at 3:10 pm #

      Tanya! Thank you for saying hello! I want to know what song really ends up grabbing you for the year. Do tell when it arrives. :o) I am excited to write the letter- when I write things, they tend to find a way of happening, so I am a little clappy-skippy-happy at just thinking about what it will contain. :o) Thanks for the support! -JM


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