Using Sexual Energy to Heal

One of my favorite Tantra teachers, Barbara Carellas, talks about using sexual energy to heal. But, how exactly does that happen? And does it work?

There’s definitely the ‘Marvin Gaye’ style of sexual healing – actually having sex with someone and offering healing during the encounter. Which means you go into the sex knowing that you’re doing this for their healing. This includes ‘make-up sex’ for sure, but does not include ‘pity sex’ – because pity is not healing, got it?

Under the ‘Marvin Gaye’ style of sexual healing, I would also include sex that heals something inside us personally. This healing may result in tears, screams, or laughter as the wound is healed and emotion is released. Most people feel different, somehow, in the moments or days after this kind of healing.

Many Tantric teachers talk about the ability of sexual energy to heal our own bodies, as well. They talk about letting the energy of orgasm flow through our entire body, washing through through our organs, bones, muscles, skin, hair, and mind. If you’ve ever felt the energy of your climax move outwards from your body, this is what I’m referring to- letting that feeling ripple through your entire body.

We know that energy can move through our bodies.  If you’ve ever had a tough phone call at a bad time, you know how the energy of the emotion (fear, sadness, frustration) can ripple through your body. Same thing with orgasmic energy.

Robyn Vogel was one of the first people to introduce me to this concept in action. For a week, I practiced ‘cultivating my sexual energy’ (which is to say: engaged in self-pleasuring) and then sent the energy to something I cared about or wanted. I didn’t always climax as part of the practice (it was only 2 minutes long!), but I definitely felt the energy inside me grow and paid attention to the fact that I could send it somewhere.


black and white photo of a heterosexual couple, partially dressed, holding and caressing one another


In the last couple of weeks I have sent Tantric energy to someone and something I wanted to heal from a long, long time ago. And I have also sent this kind of energy to my office (which needs some serious healing- that space is spiritually sour).

Whether these healings have occurred remains to be seen. But my office feels better to hang out in. And I woke up on the edge of climax the other night- which has only happened a handful of times before, but it was fine by me.  (Does the energy we put out come back to us? Maybe it does!)

Other Tantric teachers also swear by Tantric energy for just keeping you looking and feeling young. Which makes sense- the more sex and climax you’re having, the more healthy, calming, and restorative hormones you’re sending through your body. Which, even without the spiritual and intention piece, is healing.

So, does sex heal? Yes. Under the right conditions, with the right intentions, it certainly can. And there are many ways that sex and sexual energy can heal. I think many of us have experienced sexual healing at some point, but we can also create it on purpose – offering healing to ourselves, our lovers, and others we care about.



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