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Hey fellow travelers! I love you, but I have been saving the world (one email and one protest and one letter at a time), and I’ve been swamped.

Believe me, though- you were never far from my thoughts. I miss not writing and sharing here. Know that.

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So, last week was the New Moon in Sagittarius. Of course, now we are at the waxing half moon since I’m a week late writing this! In any case, I think it’s worth talking about because it such an interesting moon, at such an interesting time of year.

It’s a dark, introspective moon. Time to look at the darkness, and maybe the junk, inside of us.

It is a moon of shedding, releasing, and creating new pathways for change.

My dearest Bairavee said,

“The only way I can describe the potency of this energy is a shockwave. For some of us, it is manifested in external events in the world bringing turmoil (or simply the impetus for change)- and for others it directly impacts our personal lives. Some have found themselves catapulted into a no-space, no-state of being or flow, whilst others have felt pain and grief.”

Is this sounding like the last week for anyone?

This last weekend was about making concrete, if challenging steps forward on our path. Boundaries were to be tested (were they? you tell me). And Life was giving us the strength to carry out our wishes, no matter how tough they were.

The Tarot Lady pulled a card for December. Wanna know what it was?

She wrote,

“The presence of the Death card indicates major change is afoot. This month marks the end of the old and the beginning of the new.  Change can be frightening but it’s important to embrace it rather than hide from it.

December could bring some large scale seismic shifts – prepare for transformation.  Some of these changes may be outside of your control. In those cases, do your best to roll with it. 
But, if on some level you know you need to make a u-turn in any part of your life, consider this your permission slip to begin your evolution.” 

We are passing through intense energy to clarify us.
We are passing through intense energy to clear out the crap.
We are passing through intense energy with this moon because it is the end of the year- time to let go.

Were you ready to let go of something last Tuesday? Did you?

I will tell you- I know I  passed through some kind of portal.
A connection I have wanted to fully release for many years finally let go.
I worked my ass off the last six months to make that happen, and some grace of the Universe gave the last push up and away.

It felt like watching Sirius Black fall from the Ministry of Magic into death’s portal.
It felt like watching Jack sink into the sea as Rose shivered her way back to life.
It felt like any book or movie where the door closes and you know it won’t open again.
No more whisps of smoke, no more spiritual or energetic threads, no strings, no connection at all.
It felt like someone gently pushing me ahead, through, because my destiny is no longer behind me, it is in front of me.

Dudes, it was amazing.
My life is pretty amazeovaries right now, but this was the final symbol and feeling I hoped for all these years.
It’s done, it’s gone, I am free of it all.

Joseph Campbell was right- the heroine can take her journey, fight the dragons (inside herself), learn, grow, and reach the end of the story with the jewel she worked so hard to uncover. What a gift the moon portal gave me.



I pulled these oracle cards on Monday.
Our Lady of Divine Direction | Our Lady of Peaceful Change | Our Lady of the Inner Gate
Amazing, right?


December is all about the clean out, though, because we have a long period of Mercury in Retrograde, the shadow phase of which started on the 2nd. If you didn’t get cleaned out last Tuesday, there’s a lot more opportunity coming.

What does that mean? It means anything that’s crap in your life will come up for review, re-visit, re-working. MiR forces us to look at old hurts, needs, how our buttons are pushed, etc. so we can heal and grow.

Specifically, this MiR is going to be about communication- intense and truthful. It’s about rebellion and leaving behind what doesn’t work. It may be about shaking off oppression and also questioning ourselves at every turn. It’s going to be an intense month. But the clean-out could be spectacular.

Mercury in Retrograde has most often been a useful, happy time for me. I used to wonder why my life ran better in MiR, when most people’s ran worse. I finally figured out that it has to do with my soul work in this life: I’m a cosmic crap cleaner.

My job, here on this strange and lovely Earth, is to help people clean the crap out of their lives- even out of their souls. If you work with me, that’s what you get. And if I’m in your life for some reason, it’s probably because you need some truth + cleaning.

That was a side note, just to say: Mercury in retrograde can really help you clean the crap out of your life, if you let it. You have to let go- and that is the hardest thing in the world, sometimes.

And if you know your life needs an overhaul, or you are really tired of your life, or you are sick of your own BS, well…Mercury in retrograde is your ticket out. Just remember: you have to do the hard work; it doesn’t just happen on its own.

Mercury in retrograde lasts from December 19, 2016 to January 8, 2017. 2016 has been an incredible year and it is ending. Let go of whatever else needs to end and walk into 2017 with less weight and more love.

Big love from the trail, folks.
Talk to you soon!
Joanna :: xoxo




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