Full Moon in Gemini

Well, ya’ll, I’m a day late with this. My apologies. The full moon was yesterday, December 3rd. But it still looks real pretty tonight, so squint your eyes and pretend it’s still full.

It was also a super moon.

And Mercury in retrograde started yesterday as well. (You know I love me some Mercury in retrograde.)

I think tonight we’ll start with a short definition of terms for the newbies.

The full moon generally signifies shedding light on things or the fruition of intentions set in the darkness of the new moon. It also symbolizes wholeness and completion. The Chinese associate the full moon with the femininity, which is yin energy. Several cultures understand the full moon to be part of the natural cycle of life, moving though light and dark, death and birth.

A super moon simply means the full moon happens when the moon is at its perigee with the Earth- the closest to Earth that it will reach this cycle. Energetically, this just means whatever is already going on with the moon itself is now amped.

Retrograde planetary motion is an optical illusion which makes it appear that the planet in question (in this case, Mercury) is moving backwards. The opposite of retrograde motion (or Rx for short; I also use MiR to keep it super short for Mercury) is direct motion. Of course, the planets are not really going backwards. And, as my friend, X, pointed out, Mercury is in Rx half the time, so that feels a little more like yin/yang balance than something to be feared. But, choose your own adventure, folks.

The Tarot Lady continues:

“Mercury is attributed to communication, travel, electronics, thinking and mechanical objects – so when this planet begins to stall, we may experience problems in those areas.

The transit lasts for approximately three weeks.  And those who are sensitive to this transit may actually begin to feel the energy early during the shadow period, which begins about three weeks before the actual retrograde.” (For more info, see her article here.)

For most people, shit tends to go wrong in the areas listed above during Mercury in Rx, but not for moi. I love Mercury in Rx because my life tends to run better during those weeks. No idea why.

Anyhooo….now you have your terms. Let’s see what’s being served up with this super, full, Mercury in retrograde moon.

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In thinking of the week leading up to yesterday’s full moon, Chani Nicholas writes:

This is a weekend where folks will want to reach for the ideal scenario. A weekend that can remind us of the exquisite importance of optimism. A weekend that makes known the consequences of mistaking a mirage for a final destination.

As Jupiter trines Neptune (the first of three transits between these two over the course of the next year) the urge to connect is magnified. These two together want to bring out the best of our human hearts. They want to elevate our minds to places where we might remember how incredible a gift it is to make even the smallest acts of kindness central to our everyday life. They want to bring us back to the importance of striving for some larger understanding of our little human life and extending that out to all we come in contact with.

It’s a high worth riding.

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Photo by David Zvonař on Unsplash


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Over at Empowering Astrology, they’re saying:

This is the time in the lunar calendar when the spotlight shines on communication and the mind, from writing and speaking to classes and learning. Gemini is driven by a need for information and new ideas. It’s a sign that also shows us that there is two sides to every story.

On paper Gemini is fun. It likes play, especially if it involves language. It likes to keep things fast and loose. It’s generally not a sign known for its committal…So, what happens when Gemini has to make a choice? And choose just one?

The story that this full moon is highlighting is far from over. Mercury Retrograde means that we have to go back and reexamine our beliefs or how we see something, double check the facts, and do more research. Mercury Retrograde means that whatever we’re working through has karmic underpinnings. Have we made the right decisions? Are we open to new ideas or are we shut down by inflexible beliefs? Mercury won’t get back to 29 Sagittarius until January 10, so this story will play out into the new year.

The best remedy for this full moon is to find a quiet place to reflect. Neptune wants us to find our intuition and find the truth within. Spend time meditating over the next couple of days. Journal your feelings if you like to write. It is in the quiet that we can take awareness of our choices and be conscious of how we use words, language, and ideas. By the new year we’ll have a clearer idea of how to move forward.

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Mystic Mama writes:

SuperMoon in Gemini is prismatic with information, able to shapeshift into multiple expressions.

Not an easy path to discern. Best not to get swept up with the tides of misinformation, instead ground into your own center and listen deeply to your Soul.

With Mercury just having turned retrograde, there is much to reflect on. This a healing time as well as a time of self-mastery where we have an opportunity to cleanse our perceptions and open up to a new way.

Time to upgrade our thinking and remember that we are free to perceive our experience in what ever way we choose.

We are powerful beyond measure. Trust in your process and trust in your heart.


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Trust in your process and trust in your heart. Good advice, fellow travelers. I’m trying to do that here, too.

Big love,
Joanna :: xoxo



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