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Full Moon in Leo :: Blue Super Blood Moon on the Rise

Oh, forgive me a little allusion to CCR in that title.

It’s full moon time. And if you haven’t heard already, this one is a doozy.

This moon is a rare occurrence because it contains 4 unique lunar events in one.

  1. Blue moon: the second full moon in a calendar month. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “once in a blue moon” it’s based on this lunar event; something that happens once in a while.
  2. Super moon: the moon appears larger because it is slightly closer to the Earth this time around.
  3. Blood moon: the moon has a reddish cast as it is reflecting back the shadow of the Earth.
  4. Lunar eclipse: in some places you will be able to see two phases of a lunar eclipse. This is best seen on the Western Coast of the USA.

Tosha Silver calls eclipses the ‘Relationship Rotorooter.’ She writes: “If something ends under a Powerhouse lunar eclipse like the one in Leo next to Venus today, it’s often NEEDED to end for a long, long time. Lunar eclipses tend to reveal the Truth, sometimes abruptly or harshly. Yet anything fundamentally solid will not be touched. 

You may not see it as a blessing just yet, but stay open. It may be making space for something far, far better, or ate least freeing you from a debilitating illusion or addiction. Eclipses show what’s possibly been hidden under the rug for a long time. 

Just feel it then offer it all to Love for the Highest Plan. Be gentle with yourself!”

That is just one aspect of this lunar event, so astrologically, the four combined is A LOT. And even thought we’ve already passed through the official full moon and eclipse as of 5:something this morning (EST), there are still a few days of energy hanging around yet. Watch what happens.

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From (I dig this one because it involves a snake and primordial wisdom):

Lunar eclipses always signify turning points or shifts in consciousness, and the blue super blood moon eclipse of Jan. 31, 2018 will be an especially potent one. Reaching its climax at 5:27 a.m. PST, this supermoon eclipse has the power to transform core beliefs, transmuting fear into courage and asking us to reckon with the persistent demons of self-doubt.

This magnificent supermoon, which will appear closer to the earth than any to follow this year, will fall in the Vedic astrological star of Ashlesha, the mysterious Kundalini snake known for its hypnotic powers. A fire-breathing snake-dragon with a split tongue who slithers through our subconscious minds and enters into our dream space, Ashlesha can topple the illusions of the ego, allowing us to glimpse who we really are.

Also known as a naga snake, Ashlesha has the ability to mesmerize the mind, bringing about altered states of perception and increasing our awareness of self. In Hindu mythology, naga snakes live in the earth’s core and stay connected to an infinite well of primordial wisdom. They are also capable of shape-shifting, and are said to hold great Tantric power. 

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The Tarot Lady has this wisdom, plus some guidance for each sign (find that here):

The Lunar Eclipse will occur at 11º Leo. Eclipses bring change. They shake things up so we can evolve. If something needs to go, you can be sure that it will. Major news can happen at this time so do pay attention to announcements (both yours and on the world’s stage) for the news could indicate a breakthrough..or a breakdown. Something important could be coming to an end – or a new beginning may be ready to emerge.

Because this is a Lunar Eclipse, the energy will be emotional. This could bring a bit of drama to the day or the days that surround it. Things could be revealed so do keep an eye out for something coming to the surface…something you may need to see but perhaps have been ignoring or hoping it’s not going to manifest. People’s true colors, feelings, and motives often come out around an eclipse. This truth could be the catalyst needed to get things moving in the right direction.

Take care of yourself during the eclipse and the days that follow. Nourish your body, rest up, try not to push matters. Above all, remain open to what omens may arise and be ready to let go and prepare for a fresh new cycle.

Because of the connection to Leo, this is a strong day for examining the way you express yourself to the world. Are you being your authentic self? Are you stepping into the spotlight where you belong? Or are you hiding in the shadows, jacked-up on fear and the imposter syndrome? It’s time to shed those fears, darling, and get ready to become the King or Queen of your own jungle. Step into your bigness and let the world see you in all of your glory. 

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From Becky Hernandez over at Rebelle Society (one of my fave sites):

This is a big time for relationships, whether romantic, friendship or otherwise. A big time for old traumas and fears moving up and out.

A time for interpersonal transformation — its effects on you and your path. It is a time for some to fall in love, but for most, to fall into the fire. The fire burns. It burns, hurts, and can be extremely painful. But ultimately the fire isn’t here to destroy you, it’s here to burn away those limiting beliefs of what you know or believe to be love. To then help you rise up like the phoenix from the ashes, reborn.

Love does not involve obsession, fear, low self-esteem or angst. That is the ego, the trauma.

At its core and pureness, love is bright, joyful, freedom, and bliss. It is comfort, connection, and unconditional partnership.

How though will you know what to look for in love without seeing what it’s not?

This is a time for reevaluating your relationships, your beliefs, and the roles they both play in your life. What may have worked before is not working now, and the power you have in these situations is more than you know.

You have a choice. Not an easy choice, but a choice nonetheless.

A choice to see where trauma has guided you, and ask for help to free it.

Free it, and see the truth of it. Seeing the truth as it’s appearing is the first step to freeing it. To not shy away from it in order to protect your outdated belief systems, but instead, really allowing it to come show you the way.

…guiding us to embrace these times of confusion and uncertainty within our relationships, and to redirect our thinking away from trauma and towards love. Just as a practice. Not with force, but with love.

Guiding us to review our perspective that sometimes it is not about the person or situation that is in our lives, but how we react to it, and how we act within these connections. Guiding us to allow these teachers to show us what we really deserve, who we really are, and what we truly desire. To see them as teachers, release them, focus on what we do want, and ask for help in order to do so.

Ask for guidance on what is really going on and where it’s coming from.

Don’t go through this alone. There is no need. You have plenty of support. The trick is to ask for it. The Universe has got your back. It has shaken you up to awaken you, and all you have to do is move through it with love and compassion. 

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From The Goddess Circle:

The Leo Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse focuses on:

  • Once-in-a-lifetime energy
  • Beginnings + Endings
  • Sudden change
  • Big choices
  • Courage to make change
  • Your destiny is yours to create
  • Heal blocks + fears
  • Choose your dreams
  • Release ‘settling’
  • Listen to your heart

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Whatever is going on in your world, fellow travelers, know that my heart is with you. I hope for your best, even if that means going through difficulty to get there.

Big love,
Joanna :: xoxo




For the lost.

It is okay
to be lost.

Know this.

There will be days/

when all you can do
is kick the dust down the road

or sit and do nothing
but watch the trees

or scream into the air
even though it’s only you there.

You may notice that
your life has lost its color
not even the dingy gold of sepia
is offered to you;
only grayscale.

It is still okay
to be lost.

They (‘they’) will not give you any points
for being lost

But what do points get you anyway?
Nothing soul nourishing
nothing truly useful

And being lost is more useful
than perhaps we ever

Sometimes you will be lost in work
but safe in love

Sometimes you will be lost in love
but safe in your room

Sometimes you will be lost in the
but safe in the structure they provide.

Sometimes you will be lost in your own breath
but safe in someone’s arms.

It is still okay
to be lost.


//I promise you//

you will find your way again.

You will be different.
Life will be different.
There may still be no color
(because sometimes there is no going back)
but you will find your way again.

We are lost
over and over
in life.

Over and over.

Better to learn how ‘lost’ works;
a map with strange layers
[the soul is a palimpsest]
where old markings
take you a new way
every time.

It is okay
to be lost.


Photo by Michael Liao on Unsplash




New Moon in Capricorn

Hey, babies- so glad you’re here on this dark moon night. I swear my energy is so aligned with the moon and the planets. Saturn is moving into Capricorn as well (and will stay there for 3 years or some such thing) and I can just feel myself feeding on the energy of that. My INFJ personality really loves surprises, but I do best with a foundation of healthy habits. And Saturn in Capricorn is all about that- so I’m just digging it.

Anywaysies….let’s talk about this gorgeous new moon. Here’s whatcha need ta know!

From Big Sky Astrology:

We live in tough times, and there is a lot wrong with the world that is unfair and isn’t our fault. But Capricorn taught me this, and some days it makes me angry as a hornet: Just because something happens that is unfair or isn’t our fault doesn’t absolve us from our responsibility to try to achieve the life that we want. Whenever someone tells me about their problems and rattle off a long list of reasons why overcoming them is impossible, I know I’m hearing the self-imposed limitations of their Saturn. And the Capricorn Three Kings rise up in me to tell them, “Start focusing on what will work instead of what won’t work. Take back your life.”

The tough voice of Capricorn dominates this New Moon cycle, and I am deeply grateful for it. We focus so much on Capricorn’s toughness that we overlook its message of empowerment—that we are the authors of our lives, writing each chapter in real time through our decisions and choices. Yours is a story only you can write, and it’s one that the world is waiting to read. Make it the best one you can. 

::: ::: ::: :::

From Forever Conscious-Intuitive Astrology:

At the time of the New Moon, there will be a line up of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all in the sign of Capricorn. This rare alignment is known as a stellium.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign which means that it holds the energy of leadership, hardwork, determination and groundedness.

Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat, and if you have ever seen a mountain goat, you would know that it is able to use its nimble feet to climb higher and perch itself in places that most other animals would not be able to get to.

This is a good way to describe the hardworking energy of Capricorn, and with so many planets, plus the Sun and Moon aligning in this constellation, we are all going to be able to make a leap of progress as we climb our own mountains.

This is the perfect time to take action in your life and begin making small, practical changes in order to bring more joy, abundance, love, success, and whatever other feel-good emotions you want into your life.

Capricorn is a very practical sign, so this is not necessarily about making bold, shocking moves in our lives (unless we feel called to do so), rather it is about making small yet effective shifts to get us closer to where we want to be.

For the last few years we have really had to focus on clearing and planning, but now we are getting a lot of support to actually put our plans into action. January is one of the most action-focused months of the year, so use this energy to your advantage and don’t be afraid to push yourself a little higher.

While this line up of Capricorn planets is really going to help us find our ambition and strength, this New Moon has a soft, intuitive energy as well.

While this is a great time to take action and express yourself outwards, there is also this energy pulling us to go deeper within ourselves and to really connect to that heart center. 


Climb the mountain; change the view.

Photo by fynn lehnert on Unsplash


From SheWhoIs:

Conflicts, cravings, and chaos. Those actively pursuing spiritual awareness and raising their vibration are most likely sensing disturbance and change at levels not noticeable to others. Odd pains, heaviness of limbs, a desire to sleep, foggy thinking and strange dreams are common. However, lovely synchronicities such as thing needed suddenly appearing, unexpected opportunities, and welcome surprises also accompany this energy. This moon longs to love, but karmic adjustments are forthcoming. Things are not what they seem; trust your intuition now more than ever. 

Intentions should focus on what ultimately aligns you with your desire, nature, and path. Prepare for resistance of things who do not serve and set them free. Many will be given most cosmic responsibility at this time, be present and answer the call. Time will shift in your favor, as well as circumstances, if you do not neglect what is being asked of you, in full consciousness and conscientiousness. Do not be afraid to ask for love. 

::: ::: ::: :::

Mystic Mama shares:

New Moon in Capricorn is calling us to rise from within and move forward with our deepest knowing.

We began the year coming to terms with what is no longer working and what needs to be let go of and now it’s time to move onward and trust in the unknown journey that awaits.

The beauty is we can choose to learn from our past and use our experiences as the fertile soil that will one day shoot new sprouts. Just as the dandelion seeds are carried in the wind to new ground, so we are held in the great continuum of life as it unfolds.

Pallas Athena, Uranus and Eris, that powerful trio is challenging the Sun/Moon/Venus precipitating crisis in our relationships, in the way we conduct our business, in the rules we break, in our ideas of what is ethical behavior, in standing up to address disempowerment and hypocrisy.

Athena and Eris, feminine warrior goddesses, are guiding Uranus to shatter what has gone before.

This has been an ongoing influence for months…Pallas adds additional support for the disempowered, the artistic ones, the energetic healers, political strategists, and activists. [from Pat Liles at The Power ]

::: ::: ::: :::

Fellow travelers, I’m feelin’ this so clearly. I hope you are, too- if it suits you! Thanks for taking the journey with me and I hope whatever intentions you plant this new moon arrive with joy and ease.

Big love,
Joanna :: xoxo




Remnants of a Ritual :: Ways to Let Go

Hey, ya’ll- I’ve been out for a few days on a dark part of my path. At first I thought I was in a bit of a spiritual ‘cave,’ being in my dark, but I realized, “no, this isn’t a stop, it’s the path- it’s just a dark part of the path. A place I have to do real work.” So, I’ve been doing the work. I’ll say more about that in another post because I’ve been learning a lot and I’m close enough to some aspects and stages of growth to be able to parse them out more clearly. Anywho….

Last week I had my ego mowed down in the most gracious and succinct way and I’ve been doing the work from the lesson it gave me. I had been wanting to let go of a connection with someone but it just never quite would go away. (I have this trouble- my heart is big, it would hold on to people forever if it could.) And in few moments filled with a lot of energy and drama the connection came to a crashing halt and I was given the lesson I so desperately needed to learn.

This is often how it has gone in my life with important lessons: I hang on until the lesson or teaching is revealed and then – poof! – I no longer need or desire the connection with that other person. It’s abrupt, and some people don’t like abrupt, but that split-second shift is sometimes a very merciful thing. It makes it easier to let go.

In the spiritual practice of letting go, there are two important times to surrender:

  1. When you’re ready to.
  2. When you’re not ready to.

Often we know when we need to let go, but we’re not ready. That’s the time you need to let go.
Often we know when we need to let go, and we’re totally ready. That’s also the time you need to let go.

And, in my experience, we all know when we should let go, we just wait as long as we can, hoping Life will give us different instructions. But, no. Life will always have her way with us- best to do what she asks, when she asks.

When we’re being asked to let go (whether we’re ready or not) there are some rituals that can help. Rituals are a way of formalizing and deeply acknowledging the importance of what we’re doing- the importance of letting go. I believe that rituals touch the deeper waves of our personal energy force and help shift things at the subconscious level- so they can help us let go more easily, giving us energetic support to open our fingers and release.

Ways to Let Go with Ritual

Burn. A favorite for millennia among the spiritual and the secular. Write a letter, write a name, draw a picture, whatever it may be- set it alight and know that the energy of the thing goes with it as the ashes form and blow away.

In the Italian Catholic tradition, one writes the name of things they wish to be rid of on a bay leaf and then burns the leaf in a candle. Very fiery and effective, especially if you’re feeling a little Sicilian.

Rip. Slightly less final than burning, but it feels quite good to tear something asunder with your own hands. Think of Dead Poets Society– rip with joy.

Bury. Also a favorite for millennia. Create some symbol of what you wish to let go of and bury it. Bury it deep. Bury it far. Let it return to that from whence it came.

Flush. I prefer this one when I need a little humor in my ritual. We flush gold fish, why not our finished connections? Paper is best for this one- don’t clog the pipes or you get an entirely different outcome for your ritual!

Fly. Tie your symbol or words to a rock and huck it as far as you can. Drop it from a high place (make sure no one below will be hurt). Ask someone to drop it at the nearest airport garbage can.

Dance. I think dancing something away has to be done carefully. Dancing is usually for the taking in of things (see: whirling dervish). But I do believe we can dance our way free of things. And if that is what is needed, let it be.


Photo by Wesley Balten on Unsplash


Bind. Sometimes we just want something to keep its own boundary so that we can be free. In this case, let your words, letter, names, or symbol be bound with string or tape or whatever feels right. Bind it up so that it can’t get into your space anymore.

Digital Sorcery. In this modern age, everything goes down on a phone or tablet or computer. And those spaces need to be cleansed, too. I prefer deleting contacts to blocking them, as blocking means the person continues to take up space on your phone. Take screen caps of whatever you might need and then d-e-l-e-t-e.

And make sure to email those screen caps to yourself so you can completely clear the phone out. And stick those screen caps in a folder far, far away from your daily routine; another way to bury.

Funeral. Sometimes, when shit is deep or hard or long-standing, you gotta call in the big guns. Create a funeral for the connection. Speak your piece- roll out the soliloquy of anger, disaster, fear, frustration, gratitude, love, wisdom. Play some music. Stick the words, the symbols, the name, in the ground. And let it go.

Speak. Sometimes, all you need is to say the words out loud: “I’m letting this go.” “I’m done with this, now.” “I accept that this is done.” “Be well. Take care. Goodbye.” And even if you only say it to yourself, that is enough.

Energy Clearing. Many traditions have special words, rituals, or tools to help clear away connections. Native Americans clean a space or energy with the smoke from burned sage leaves. Pagans may simply blow on a thing, as if blowing out candles, to clear the energy. You can wash or dust something away. You can simply pretend to do those things (in the case of a phone, for instance) as part of a ritual and it will be equally effective as if you’d actually done it.

For the moment, these are the options I can think of. I’ll add more if I think of them (please add yours in the comments!).

The point of any ritual of letting go is to help us connect to the finishing of a connection and also symbolically recognize it- and allow it to come to completion in our psyche as well as our everyday life. Sometimes it is as easy as I had it- the lesson arrives and the connection dies all in the same moment. And sometimes it takes longer. But a good ritual can help us accept this part of our journey and find meaning in it. Letting go is an important part of life. And the more we can practice it, the better off we’ll be.

More soon, fellow travelers,
Joanna :: xoxo




With each footfall…awaken

Yesterday’s post about sweat (and exercise) reminded me of this poem I wrote a few years ago about running. One of the most sensual experiences I have ever had was running in a warm, soft rain. I can still recall the exact feeling of the rain on my skin and the way my body moved through it. I felt like sex itself, honestly. What a gift and a pleasure it is to move the body.

::: ::: ::: :::

Ode to an Autumnal Morning Run

I am not fleet of foot,
Like Artemis or Athena.

I run like a beast;
My compact body hits hard.
I am Atalanta’s adept;
Solid and capable
Learning to fight my own battles.

I used to run in quarters,
Afraid of what I could not do.
Quarter minutes.
Quarter miles.
Quarter runs.

But my goddess body knew better.
Now I run in thirds.
In halves.

On my path, the bittersweet covers the trees
As fear used to cover me.
Pulling at my life, and letting me hide.

Like Persephone I rise from my grave of fear
Wipe the dirt from my eyes
Spit it from my mouth.
I learned in the dark-
I learned of my dark.

I am no longer scared-
The dark is sacred, too.

I see my serpentine self everywhere as I run
the sinuous vines and branches.
I feel her, too
Sensually winding
As feet, ankles, knees, and hips roll forward
Aware of the shift of each movement
Both ecstasy and pain

My heart throws itself against my rib cage
Not just from the work of running
But also for the aspen leaves
So dense with yellow
I want to eat them
So rich red and fiery orange
I would paste them to my skin
And make more beauty of my sweating messiness.

I breathe
I breathe
I breathe
This I was also afraid of

I have breathed so many of the wrong things
Into myself

But running has made me strong.
Strong enough to breathe without fear.
Strong enough to endure.
Strong enough to finish.

And to start again
With each footfall

::: ::: ::: :::

I still run, but only in the Summer and early Fall on our local bike path. In the winter I’m a cyclist, which isn’t quite the same, sensually. Either way, I’m glad to be living in a body that loves to move and can do so with ease.