Full Moon in Leo :: Blue Super Blood Moon on the Rise

Oh, forgive me a little allusion to CCR in that title.

It’s full moon time. And if you haven’t heard already, this one is a doozy.

This moon is a rare occurrence because it contains 4 unique lunar events in one.

  1. Blue moon: the second full moon in a calendar month. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “once in a blue moon” it’s based on this lunar event; something that happens once in a while.
  2. Super moon: the moon appears larger because it is slightly closer to the Earth this time around.
  3. Blood moon: the moon has a reddish cast as it is reflecting back the shadow of the Earth.
  4. Lunar eclipse: in some places you will be able to see two phases of a lunar eclipse. This is best seen on the Western Coast of the USA.

Tosha Silver calls eclipses the ‘Relationship Rotorooter.’ She writes: “If something ends under a Powerhouse lunar eclipse like the one in Leo next to Venus today, it’s often NEEDED to end for a long, long time. Lunar eclipses tend to reveal the Truth, sometimes abruptly or harshly. Yet anything fundamentally solid will not be touched. 

You may not see it as a blessing just yet, but stay open. It may be making space for something far, far better, or ate least freeing you from a debilitating illusion or addiction. Eclipses show what’s possibly been hidden under the rug for a long time. 

Just feel it then offer it all to Love for the Highest Plan. Be gentle with yourself!”

That is just one aspect of this lunar event, so astrologically, the four combined is A LOT. And even thought we’ve already passed through the official full moon and eclipse as of 5:something this morning (EST), there are still a few days of energy hanging around yet. Watch what happens.

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From Anandastrology.com (I dig this one because it involves a snake and primordial wisdom):

Lunar eclipses always signify turning points or shifts in consciousness, and the blue super blood moon eclipse of Jan. 31, 2018 will be an especially potent one. Reaching its climax at 5:27 a.m. PST, this supermoon eclipse has the power to transform core beliefs, transmuting fear into courage and asking us to reckon with the persistent demons of self-doubt.

This magnificent supermoon, which will appear closer to the earth than any to follow this year, will fall in the Vedic astrological star of Ashlesha, the mysterious Kundalini snake known for its hypnotic powers. A fire-breathing snake-dragon with a split tongue who slithers through our subconscious minds and enters into our dream space, Ashlesha can topple the illusions of the ego, allowing us to glimpse who we really are.

Also known as a naga snake, Ashlesha has the ability to mesmerize the mind, bringing about altered states of perception and increasing our awareness of self. In Hindu mythology, naga snakes live in the earth’s core and stay connected to an infinite well of primordial wisdom. They are also capable of shape-shifting, and are said to hold great Tantric power. 

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The Tarot Lady has this wisdom, plus some guidance for each sign (find that here):

The Lunar Eclipse will occur at 11º Leo. Eclipses bring change. They shake things up so we can evolve. If something needs to go, you can be sure that it will. Major news can happen at this time so do pay attention to announcements (both yours and on the world’s stage) for the news could indicate a breakthrough..or a breakdown. Something important could be coming to an end – or a new beginning may be ready to emerge.

Because this is a Lunar Eclipse, the energy will be emotional. This could bring a bit of drama to the day or the days that surround it. Things could be revealed so do keep an eye out for something coming to the surface…something you may need to see but perhaps have been ignoring or hoping it’s not going to manifest. People’s true colors, feelings, and motives often come out around an eclipse. This truth could be the catalyst needed to get things moving in the right direction.

Take care of yourself during the eclipse and the days that follow. Nourish your body, rest up, try not to push matters. Above all, remain open to what omens may arise and be ready to let go and prepare for a fresh new cycle.

Because of the connection to Leo, this is a strong day for examining the way you express yourself to the world. Are you being your authentic self? Are you stepping into the spotlight where you belong? Or are you hiding in the shadows, jacked-up on fear and the imposter syndrome? It’s time to shed those fears, darling, and get ready to become the King or Queen of your own jungle. Step into your bigness and let the world see you in all of your glory. 

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From Becky Hernandez over at Rebelle Society (one of my fave sites):

This is a big time for relationships, whether romantic, friendship or otherwise. A big time for old traumas and fears moving up and out.

A time for interpersonal transformation — its effects on you and your path. It is a time for some to fall in love, but for most, to fall into the fire. The fire burns. It burns, hurts, and can be extremely painful. But ultimately the fire isn’t here to destroy you, it’s here to burn away those limiting beliefs of what you know or believe to be love. To then help you rise up like the phoenix from the ashes, reborn.

Love does not involve obsession, fear, low self-esteem or angst. That is the ego, the trauma.

At its core and pureness, love is bright, joyful, freedom, and bliss. It is comfort, connection, and unconditional partnership.

How though will you know what to look for in love without seeing what it’s not?

This is a time for reevaluating your relationships, your beliefs, and the roles they both play in your life. What may have worked before is not working now, and the power you have in these situations is more than you know.

You have a choice. Not an easy choice, but a choice nonetheless.

A choice to see where trauma has guided you, and ask for help to free it.

Free it, and see the truth of it. Seeing the truth as it’s appearing is the first step to freeing it. To not shy away from it in order to protect your outdated belief systems, but instead, really allowing it to come show you the way.

…guiding us to embrace these times of confusion and uncertainty within our relationships, and to redirect our thinking away from trauma and towards love. Just as a practice. Not with force, but with love.

Guiding us to review our perspective that sometimes it is not about the person or situation that is in our lives, but how we react to it, and how we act within these connections. Guiding us to allow these teachers to show us what we really deserve, who we really are, and what we truly desire. To see them as teachers, release them, focus on what we do want, and ask for help in order to do so.

Ask for guidance on what is really going on and where it’s coming from.

Don’t go through this alone. There is no need. You have plenty of support. The trick is to ask for it. The Universe has got your back. It has shaken you up to awaken you, and all you have to do is move through it with love and compassion. 

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From The Goddess Circle:

The Leo Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse focuses on:

  • Once-in-a-lifetime energy
  • Beginnings + Endings
  • Sudden change
  • Big choices
  • Courage to make change
  • Your destiny is yours to create
  • Heal blocks + fears
  • Choose your dreams
  • Release ‘settling’
  • Listen to your heart

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Whatever is going on in your world, fellow travelers, know that my heart is with you. I hope for your best, even if that means going through difficulty to get there.

Big love,
Joanna :: xoxo



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