Full Moon in Virgo

Well, we’re out of February and March is starting out with bright lights. Tonight’s full moon (look! I posted on time!) is all about making choices, making changes, and moving forward.

Let’s see what the guides have to say.

Romy Wyser offers this:

“Now isn’t the time to become too fixed in your plans, the energy is moving too fast and we must flow with it. It is the time to recognize what isn’t working  and make the changes now before you are too invested down the line. 

…you might find your sensitivity gene just got triggered into a high alert status. So when I say to you “Don’t be so hard on yourself, ” “Don’t jump to conclusions,” and “Maybe not everything is as it seems” I want you to remember these words! … Try to find some soul soothing ways to keep distracted from the mind chatter as we hit these full moon energies. 

Do pay attention to the revelations under this Full Moon as they could be telling you where to make a shift, and where you need to be honest with yourself, this difficult Neptune energy can bring to light those things we tend to lie to ourselves about. … Let yourself off the hook and a find a deeper humility within. You are not powerless in this…”


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From Limitless Minds:

Full Moons are often released points. But under this Full Moon, we will feel remarkably guided. It is just like the radiating energy of this Moon will pull or shift us in the direction which we need to be heading.

Pay attention to what unfolds around this Full Crow Moon. It is expected that you may receive some insights or intuitive pings about areas of your life which have felt clouded and foggy.

Falling in the practical earth sign of Virgo, this Full Moon will help us make decisions in our lives from a place of practicality. It is likely that wherever we are guided will naturally feel like the right move. We are going to have the ability to find out confidence to forge ahead.

Virgo energy also rules over the digestive system and the integration of ideas.
What ideas or new life changes will you need to ‘digest?’
What energy are you absorbing and is it nourishing?

This Full Crow Moon in March is also going to be the perfect period of taking inventory of what you are filling your life with and if it is serving you. This can also be done on a physical, as well as emotional and spiritual level. To create a sense of balance and wellbeing.

If you have been struggling to “digest” recent life events, this Full Moon will provide you with some support. Perhaps you should keep an open mind and see if you can find the silver-lining or the positive aspects of what has unfolded.

Every experience which comes to us in life is there to help us grow as well as evolve.


Photo by Kristen Wyman on Unsplash


From TheGoddessCircle.net:

Virgo Full Moon themes:

Choose your destiny.
Express your truth.
Challenging beliefs and old stories.
Self care.
Focus on health.
Truth & revelations in relationships.
Awareness of judgement and being overly critical.
Work on the details.


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From Mystic Mama:

Full Moon in Virgo on the Pisces axis calls us to ground our roots deep into Mother Earth to anchor ourselves through the emotional seas that have been surging.

The more we open up, the more we feel, and the more attuned we become to the suffering of others and our dear planet Earth. The injustices and the tragedies are numerous and we are all aching for change.

Virgo is the healer within, reminding us to embody our Spirit so we can bring about forth real change in our lives for the benefit of all.

Her medicine is love in service, and her practical magic helps us streamline our directive so we can focus on how best to be in service of our collective healing. 

[Definitely click that link and read down to the bottom where one of her sources talks about the importance of artists, bards, dancers, and singers to be honest and come forward with their gifts right now. And to dance your own way through this full moon. Love!]

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I am in the thick of this advice right now. Things are becoming clearer to me. I am definitely grappling with what I ‘digest’ and what ‘nourishes’ me. And I’m freely letting go of things and seeing where the truth lands me and my connections. I hope this full moon gives you hope, clarity, and the desire to move forward in your truth, as it has for me.

Big love, fellow travelers,
Joanna :: xoxo



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