New Moon in Pisces

Hello, loves. Sorry I’m late with this one. My beloved new (dark) moon was last night, Saturday, March 17th. And here I am, as ever, posting a day late (you know what? I was having a good time on St. Paddy’s day, yesterday, being a tiny tantric leprechaun #shortgirlsareextrafun).

However (!) the effects of this new moon last for a few days before and a few days after the new moon itself. So, if you’re feeling these effects into the 19th and 20th of March, you’re doing okay (and if you were feeling them on Thursday and Friday last, that makes sense, too!).

Here’s what folks are saying:

The GoddessCircle has her insightful and interpretive lists, as always:

Seeing into things in a different light.
Seeing beyond fantasy and illusion.
New opportunities.
A new way of doing things.
Sensitive energy.
Time for renewal and self care.
Wounds and fears surfacing.
Be present with what is unfolding.
There is transformation here.

[Side note. This is all me today. Fun times.]


Empowering Astrology writes:

The Moon dives into Pisces, pulling us back into the cosmic ocean. Even as we come up to Aries season, a time of renewal and new beginnings, we’re still dealing with Pisces themes of letting go. To heal, we have to open up the Universal.

Pisces can either be transcendence or endings, sublime or suffering. The symbol for Pisces is two fishes swimming in different directions representing the two directions we can head when we come to the end of our journey through manifestation. Do we head back toward the light or do we tumble towards something else?

Yesterday, I touched on Chiron, a planet that’s getting a starring role in this new moon. We’re likely feeling a lot of complicated emotions within the next few days. And, as mentioned, when Chiron is activated, we’re feeling our psychic scar tissue, our emotional knots, our wounds. But Chiron connects us to something beyond ourselves; it’s the key to unlocking our soul as well as our soul’s place in the collective of all humanity.

Spirit once said to me that we’re not ready to heal until we’re ready to depersonalize our pain and suffering. Try to step beyond yourself in the coming days. Try to see yourself in everyone, especially those who struggle similarly. This new moon will be calling for healing, recognition, compassion, and forgiveness (of self and others).


Chani Nicholas is a fave:

Saturday’s new moon reawakens our wounds and our ability to hold them through the healing process.

Healing requires that we learn to hold discomfort. The discomfort that historically has lead us to repeat the patterns we are trying to break. So often we stay stuck because we haven’t been taught to sit with ourselves. If we can withstand the desire to react to our pain, if we can learn to be with it long enough to understand it in a deeper way, if can remind ourselves that doing the same old, same old won’t save us, we break through what has held us in place for too long.

We can use this new moon to plant the intention of working with our pain instead of being worked over by it.


And, lastly Saltwater Stars:

what this new moon might bring: sometimes underneath the tensions & anxieties that change brings is a really deep fear of abandonment. a suspicion that joy is too much a betrayal of the death all around us so we must prepare for someone or something to come & take it away. a paradoxical longing for all we’re leaving behind & all that is on its way. an attempt to retrieve the pieces of ourselves we feel we’ve lost, suppressed, or hidden. terror at the truths that might reveal or the changes it would necessitate. a deeper understanding of our trauma & what healing might mean. the beginning of integrating spiritual practice & awareness into our lives, not simply as a survival tactic but as a thriving one as well. the end of pretending & the beginning of connection. the end of self sabotage & the beginning of letting ourselves off the hook. the admittance of fear & the choosing of hope. the end of lies & the beginning of transmuting truth.

::: ::: ::: :::

There is a chance for both difficult change and loving care for ourselves right now. And maybe they are the same thing.

Love from the trail,
Joanna :: xoxo



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