The sensuality of softness

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Oh, ya’ll. It has been a week of intensity and today we turn the corner on this phase of Mercury in retrograde. That is- we’re half way through it (YAY!) and so we just have to travel the other half until April 14th and we’re out. Usually I sail through MiR like a champ but this one is dragging me low and kicking my ass. Yesterday was particularly tough and I had to dance my way out of a crappy belief, a nasty mood, and a crying jag.

In response, because today is the half way point, I’m turning towards softness. Calm things. Quiet things. Nourishment in simple things. I forget that sensuality isn’t all bright red, warm velvet, sexy, skin-slipping splendor. It is also softness. I keep a Pinterest board to remind myself what that feels like to me, and today I needed that reminder. So here’s what’s on tap for today, in mood and action.

It’s snowing and raining so it’s a blanket fort kind of day.
Favorite old books.
Hot tea and cookies.
If there is sex, it will be slow (so slow) and under lots of covers.
Skin on skin with no ambition is also fine.
Doing that thing where our hands just twist around each other. Touch.
Staring out the window and just breathing.
Short naps, curled up like a ball.
Soup and sandwich.
No music, at least for a bit.
Hugs and snuggling [get closer, please].
Fat pillows in the corner of the couch.
Letting the chair hold you.

A Short Playlist for Soft Days

The Planets Bend Between Us | Snow Patrol

When I’m Thinking About You | The Sundays

Wild Horses | The Sundays

Crack the Shutters Open Wide | Snow Patrol
[if your partner can’t be silly, sensual, and want to learn you like this, maybe you need a better lover. plenty of good matches are made from practicality, but there has to be some magic.]

Puff The Magic Dragon | Peter, Paul & Mary

Somewhere Over the Rainbow | Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

New Soul | Yael Naim


Softness: I Need To Cry Add-on Pack

Sign Your Name | Terence Trent D’Arby

Hands to Heaven | Breathe


Softness: Lift Me Up Add-on Pack

Stand By You | Pretenders

A Sky Full of Stars | Coldplay


Be warm + kind + soft today, lovers.
Joanna :: xoxo



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