New Moon in Taurus

Hello, lovelies! I hope you are all doing well. Apparently there is some big shizz happening in the skies – moon cycle and otherwise – and it means a lot of change. Hold on to your hats! Here’s what they’re saying…

Over at Aeolian Heart Astrology, Rachel shares about how the new moon and the movement of Uranus into the sign of Taurus will work together:

As this new Uranian era progresses, reimagine your relationship to sudden shocks and disruptions. Even disasters can blossom into a profound awakening. And much like in the song Electric Feel, there is both eroticism and poetry in the experience of revelation. The lyrics describe a path of transcendence, where emotion, sexuality, and intellect are electrified into a state of boundless freedom.

This is the essence of Uranus’ purpose.

Remember that the element of uncertainty is not meant to paralyze you with fear. Like sex and beauty, it is meant to invigorate you with a renewed lust for life!

Therefore, rather than quaking in fear of the electric shocks that Uranus will bring, try to anticipate them with pleasure, knowing that you have the power to transmute any agony into ecstasy!

This transit will begin much more than a personal shift in consciousness. In recollection of the past and in homage to the future, the next seven years of Uranus in Taurus will bring tremendous evolution and revolution to humanity’s relationship to wealth, natural resources, and the earth’s beauty.

The New Moon and Uranus’s ingress into Taurus sound the beginning of a new era. Let this energy liberate your imagination, allowing your visions of the future to sparkle with new light!


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From Alex Myles over at Elephant Journal:

The moon is exalted when in Taurus, meaning the moon and Taurus adore one another, and the sensual affinity they share means they resonate with each other deeply and harmoniously. This causes lunar energy to feel intense during this period, making us feel highly intuitive and ultra sensitive.

Taurus is a grounded earth sign and represents the rational, responsible, financial, and material aspects of life. Those born under this sign are known to think about themselves and protect their own interests and stability before thinking about others, and this is where we are all going to learn huge and unforgettable lessons.

This new moon will feel gentle, but it is also going to flip our lives upside down and shake them up a little—just for long enough so we recognise how we are communicating, and who and what we are prioritising. Reviewing our lives helps us find compromise and achieve balance, and as with everything moon-related, it may destabilise us for a few days, but is beneficial for our highest good and personal evolution.

The reason our lives will temporarily feel like a roller-coaster is that all too often, Taurus’ energy exists in a bubble where they place themselves high above others, which can be healthy in moderation, but when there’s little regard for the people surrounding them, relationships can break down and fail. Therefore, we will be forced to take a long, hard look at how we express ourselves and how often we ignore those who mean the most to us, particularly when they need it most.

We don’t realise what we’ve lost until it has long gone, and we then have no choice but to face the realisation that we haven’t put enough effort into our relationships with friends and loved ones. Fortunately, this new moon is offering us a warning before we reach the “too little, too late” stage so we can make vital changes before bonds are severed and bridges burn to the ground.

The cosmic energy swirling in the air will have a major impact on our intimate relationships as we realise what we truly value, desire, and need to feel fulfilled. The most effective way of finding this out is by learning to embody the essence of unconditional love and acceptance, so we glow from within, rather than seeking external materialism, validation, and love.


Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash


From Bairavee Balasubramaniam (a.k.a. The Sky Priestess):

Take the time to sit with yourself and know what it is you truly want. This is not an intellectual exercise or a philosophical one. It is a consciousness that radiates out of the core of your cellular being. This will help you better prepare for Uranus’ shift into Taurus.

Trust your body’s wisdom.
Trust its connection with the Earth and Sky.
And things will be clearer.

Even if the answers are not yet clear, give yourself permission to receive them when you are ready. 

[Okay, not about the moon, but sound advice for pretty much anything, so it stays.]


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Put focus and energy into intentions.
Plant seeds and tend soil.
Feed intentions.
What is worth putting your resources into?
Expect changes to environment, jobs, relationships, and beliefs.
Clear away the old.
Be flexible with change. 


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One of my favorite writers and teachers, Marybeth Bonfiglio:

Also :: this new moon stuff is hard.

It’s not a gifting give away. This new moon is going to demand that we reach hard core into pivoting ourselves. It’s going to break open the earth under us and make us look at the roots we have been growing. Are they short and scattered? Or are they deep and close to home? Where are we putting our time? What systems are we still connected to that don’t line up with our hearts? Have we been tending to our soil? Are our roots rotted? Being strangled by invasive species because our boundaries have been shit? This moon asks us to spend some time paying attention to how we have been connecting ourselves to the places within and underneath us. To the places we occupy.

This is the season of the Mother, of new life bursting everywhere. Of blooms opening. Of days lengthening. This is the season of Earth, of Taurus, the deepest sign of the ladylands. What does this mean to you? What does it mean to be living in the cosmic vibration of grounded Earth? How can that inform what you are doing today? Tomorrow? How can that inform how you breathe into this new moon? How can that navigate you to unzip yourself and listen as loud as you can?



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I think there’s not much else to say, my loves. Center in yourself. Stay strong enough to bend and release. Open your arms enough to both let go of that which isn’t working and welcome in that which you desire in your deepest heart. And hydrate!

See you on the flip side!
Joanna :: xoxo



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