Full Moon in Capricorn

Hey, lovelies! I hope you are doing well!

It is a gorgeous day here in New England. It’s dark and rainy like Seattle, but warm, like an East Coast summer. Just the way I like it: hot and wet.

The full moon tonight, known as the Strawberry Moon, is full of energy. Lots of ideas on this one. Here you go!

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Gettin’ ya old shit out the door, from Mystic Mama:

FULL MOON in Capricorn seeks to gift us CLARITY by calling forth the Elder within us to rise.
She invites us to step into our center and meet the teacher within the within that embodies our center point within the karmic wheel of life.

We have in every new moment of the present, the ability to shift what has been and create a new action with new ripples.

We are being asked to embody our responsibility as human Beings and meet whatever is rising.

Not with old fangled reactionary impulses, but with an open presence that can intersect the past with new understanding.

Elder medicine teaches us that cultivation of wisdom is born out of accountability of our actions and a compassionate understanding of their effects on others.

We gain in wisdom every time we step through that threshold. We mature and our roots grow deeper each time we consider the effects.

And clarity dawns her light upon us, when we let go of the mental constructs that bind us, and align with the broader understanding that lies just beneath the surface. 


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From The Power Path:

No side stepping here. If we’re avoiding important issues in our lives, living too long in an emotional rut, we just may get a knock on our door with a subpoena to show up for some lessons in setting some adult intentions, clarifying just what we want to build in our life, and set some new boundaries about what is and is no longer acceptable.

Saturn can help you crystallize into new reality what has just been hovering below the surface.

Chiron is squaring the Sun and Moon/Saturn. That’s significant, challenging, and a call to the internal, emotional depths.

When our lessons arise, old emotional patterns get triggered, suffering arises (along with whining and blame), we have an opportunity in the emotional crisis handed to us to step up to this initiation and challenge to learn acceptance and surrender to a deeper, fuller human experience.  


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From The Goddess Circle (via FB):

This very powerful Full Moon is reminding us to focus on what counts, what is real and relevant. This is a time to look with the eyes of truth towards what is important in our lives.We are looking at where we are wanting commitment on a deeper level and to create security and foundation. This can be a call to look at relationships, situations, or environments that do not support what we are needing or wanting. We are feeling the need to let go of old fantasy, illusion, and limiting beliefs so we can build something strong, rooted in the authentic. This is a time of great change as the ground on which we stand shifts. This is a good time to get finances in order and to plan for the future. Remember that where your attention goes, energy flows, and this is much intensified during this powerful upcoming Eclipse cycle.


many sizes, colors, and shapes of Legos, waiting to build something

Take down what doesn’t work; build something you really want.

Photo by Rick Mason on Unsplash


From Empowering Astrology:

Happy Capricorn Full Moon! It’s the time in the lunar calendar when we shine a light on responsibility, maturity, and achievement. And for that Capricorn not only sets a high bar for us to reach for, but pushes us to build something of ourselves in this life. With that in mind, the full moon is exact on June 28, 2018 at 12:53 am EDT, 6 degrees Capricorn/Cancer. That’s 9:53 pm Los Angeles on June 27, 5:53 am London on June 28, and 2:53 pm in Sydney.

Capricorn is the polarity of Cancer, which means that the signs sit opposite each other in the wheel of the zodiac. There is both a tension of opposites as well as a complementary energy between the two. If the Sun’s journey through Cancer teaches us about the importance the home as well as having people around us who are like family to help anchor and nurture our connection to life. There’s a reason that Cancer forms the foundation of the natural wheel of zodiac; it connects us to the very roots of existence.

Capricorn, by contrast, pushes us out of the nest and into the world. It’s the highest sign in the zodiac wheel and represents what we strive for, what we want to be “when we grow up.” It speaks to our responsibilities to ourselves, the world, and maturity needed to take on these responsibilities. To that point, Cancer supports Capricorn, providing the fuel to reach great heights.

When we have a full moon in Capricorn, it’s one of our annual check-ins with this process of growing up, getting older, and making something of our lives. How are we doing? Ruled by the planet Saturn, it’s not unlike a meeting with a parent or a boss and getting a progress report. So this full moon may give you a lot of feedback on where you’re at in life. Full moons also force the issue. They show, they reveal. We can’t avoid the matter at hand. It’s either a left or a right.


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And, just because I love them-

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Alright, beauties, that’s it for today. If you’re in my neck of the woods, enjoy this rain and thunder and lightning. I sure am! And for the rest of you, big blessings and lots of love.

On the path with you,
Joanna :: xoxo



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