Super Blood Wolf Full Moon

Oh, fellow travelers. I know I haven’t said much about full and new moons lately, but tonight’s full blood moon and eclipse (into tomorrow) is a doozy. It is a moon about letting go, speaking your truth, and leveling up. And, holy shit, is it working.

This week I have twice experienced people putting words in my mouth (which I really don’t like, because I don’t like being misunderstood). Once was on social media and once was in a communication with someone. The details don’t really matter because what I realized is that when someone is stuck in something I clearly didn’t say, that’s on them.

In the social media example, someone accused me of something I clearly stated I was against. They got emotionally stuck on a particular point because of their own experience and couldn’t see past it, projecting their emotional connection to the subject onto me. In the other case, I clearly asked for one thing (talking) and the other person was stuck in a completely different place, a completely different part of the story (an old fantasy, resolved long ago). Because this new moon is about seeing and knowing our truth, I can clearly see what’s mine and what’s theirs.

(The other thing about social media is that it’s for me [me-dia, as it were] and some people get confused, I think. My comments are for me, they are about me or things I think or want or am playing with in my mind or things I just think are cool. But it’s always for me. If you think it’s about you, unless I specifically refer to you, maybe check your projections.)


Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

But here’s the cool thing about letting go today with the energy of this full moon. A connection I have actively worked to finish for the last 10 months finally let go today. And, damn, I feel fucking giddy + clearer + lighter. Jesus, when your soul finally gets clear, it feels fucking lighter. Who knew?

Here’s the thing about letting go- when you’ve done your soul work, when you have equanimity for all possible outcomes, letting go is like pushing a boat away from a dock on the calmest waters: it’s easy. I am free and steering in my own direction again. And it feels really good.

One thing I learned from today though, something I have long wondered about, is that you can do all sorts of soul work, but if the other person isn’t ready to let go, it’s a lot harder to get free. But once they let go the slightest bit, it’s e-a-s-y. So easy. Now, a lot of this capacity for letting go is me (I figured out my soul work a long time ago and did it, continue to do it), a tiny bit on the other person (I think they finally started doing their work- yay! it’s gonna take them awhile to fully let go- they still come around- but they are trying so I give them credit), and probably a whole lot on this gorgeous moon. Energy is important. And this mama moon has energy to spare, so use it to your advantage. (And don’t forget, you’ve got a couple of days to play with this energy.)

If there is something you need to let go of, if you’re ready to level up, if you need to speak your truth- have at it. She’s got you. Even if you haven’t done your soul work, even if you’re not able to hold equanimity, even if you’re not sure what you want- take a step in whatever direction feels like freedom. Because that’s the underlying purpose of letting go, speaking up, and moving forward: freedom.

As ever, Bairavee Balasubramaniam (The Sky Priestess) has a beautiful, clear take on all this energy. Heed her guidance.

Blessed be to you all, fellow travelers. Go howl at the moon tonight- I’ll be there with you.
All my love,
Joanna :: xoxo

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23 Jan 2019

This is what happens when you let go. Feeling happy and free, yesterday I did a small ritual to clear out any leftover energy from this connection. Offered some metta meditation for their health, happiness, and peace. And felt really good about closing the door on this room.

As a result of all this letting go, space has been made for other things to come through. In the past couple of days I have had a handful of people thank me for how I have helped them, shaped their life for the better, or made them feel better about themselves. Like, as soon as I let go of what wasn’t ‘my people,’ my actual people started taking up space in my life. Very cool. 

Last night, half-covered in the body of my beloved, I had one of those moments when I know I’m a goddess, deep down. I could see the outline of my ab and thigh muscles, along with the soft slope of my hips and belly and breasts. This temple is not crumbling, it’s burnished. Glowing from within.  I felt, deep in my bones, so very strong and soft all at once. 

The person I’m referring to is doing well, too. Gradually letting go. I trust that between moving forward, dating someone new, and just finding the joy of moving on, things will eventually pan out and they’ll fully move on. So, you see, it’s all good. Let go and go on…


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