Hey there, I’m Joanna.
Spiritual rebel + smarty pants soul-guide.

I’m here to blow open your ideas about what it means to relate to and with God. And also investigate how God + sex work together.

Together, we liberate and intuitively design your connection with the Divine into something honest, real, and soul-full.


I believe:

– the Divine plays hide-and-seek with us, and the best spiritual growth happens when we play right back.

– a good relationship with the Infinite is honest, creative, and open (yeah, that kind of open).

– what we love and what we fear define the path of our soul.

– sometimes we need to transcend, sometimes to integrate, and sometimes to get messy.


Here we talk about what it means to live a mystical life – how we use various spiritual tools for development and make gold out of our life journey. I call us alchemystics.

The Naked Mystic is part lifestyle blog – you get a peek into my spiritual journey and Big Ideas – and part guidebook for the modern mystic. I offer tips, resources, and musings on what I’ve learned and how it can help you.

Many mystics travel their path alone – it seems to be part of the definition of ‘mystic.’ But The Naked Mystic is a place where fellow do-it-yourself spiritual travelers meet and share what we’ve learned (in all its glory and mud).  

Here’s a little more about who I am and what you’ll see here…



From my earliest days, I was a Truth Teller. At the age of three, I told a woman on the ferry what a nice handbag she had, and then I proceeded to tell her what a nice ‘pair of boobs’ she had. I’m not sure how I came to that conclusion, but I was compelled to tell her what I saw.

Today, I’m no different. I tell the truth as I see it.
No matter how hard. No matter how painful. No matter how wacky. Or joyful.

Truth and honesty are the keystones of living a mystical life: we cannot lie to ourselves when we ask, “Who am I?” or “What is Life about?”

TheNakedMystic is a place for me to tell the stories of my Big Spiritual Ideas and my Big Human Foibles. You’ll see both. I hope my honesty will encourage you to share your own truth.



Desire and sex are the cutting edge. Especially in spirituality. I’m learning, just like everyone else, how to use this combo for good. You get to see what I’m learning (and maybe make fewer mistakes in your own life).

But the Erotic isn’t just about Sex and Desire. It’s about Life. One of the reasons I write this blog is to explore living fully: body, mind, and spirit working as one system. Where do I feel the most alive? When does the erotic energy course through me? What’s my Life orgasm? If I ask the questions, you can answer them, too.

The erotic is also where body and soul meet. And that is one of my passionate curiosities. The body and soul are tools for each other; what beauty can be created?



I believe radical things. For instance, that the Divine is everywhere. (In you. In me. In the rocks and the trees. In your office desk chair. In your dog’s thumbnail. Everywhere.)

And behaving as if that is true is rebellious. Because it means all things – even pop culture – could be an expression of the divine.

I also believe that sacred texts disguise themselves as TV shows. That Light and Dark are equally good. That life is not about attainment or fulfillment, but about learning. And that God could be my Lover.

Be rebellious with me.


With God.

I’ve been friends with God since age 6. I knew ‘something’ was out there when I played in my backyard- a wild place with lots of nature and where I could make magical things.

Like many people, I grew up in a particular faith, then broke up with God in college, and spent several years as a devoted atheo-agnostic (never quite sure which one to choose). But I returned to a Place of Belief after something in my heart kept pulling me back. I’m naturally curious- I had to go look.

From then on, it’s been a spiritual adventure- with a lot of scars to show for it. I’ve travelled on the Goddess path, Taoist, mystic Christianity, Sufi, and a few others. I’ve healed old wounds and developed new perspectives, and become slightly less perfectionistic.

These days I combine ecstatic dancing, energy work, breath meditation, and traditional prayer in my spiritual practice. I’ve taken the best of what I’ve found and use it to support and open my spiritual self. Alchemy + Mysticism = Alchemystic path.

My most important spiritual lesson is the basis of my work here: each of us is a light that the Divine shines through. Like pieces in a beautiful stained-glass window, we are all necessary to the Greater Purpose. Who we are is Divine.

What’s your divine story?


If you want to travel the mystic path, or need help making it through a rough spiritual path, I am here to help.

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Thanks for getting connected with The Naked Mystic.