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Full Moon in Cancer

Okay. So. Some say the full moon was yesterday, Jan 1, and some say it’s today, Jan 2. Some say the full moon was at 2:34 am EST this morning. Or something. I don’t know. I’m just here to report on the energies, which can be felt in the days before and after it actually hits 100% full. So there you go. I love you, you weirdos. Thanks for being here with me.

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Full Moon in Cancer and here’s what they’re saying:

From SheWhoIs:

This is a triple-feminine energy, a year beginning with the sign of the full moon itself, exalted in the mothering, feminine arms of Cancer, in a month producing two full moons* and a lunar eclipse. We are being called to attention, fruited from within, to bear sacred witness to mysteries centuries in keeping. Veils are being lifted, and a new aeon ushered in. It is important to differentiate that these energies, having always been present, are in the state of revelation, and whispering for those who will hear to bear witness. 

Magic, mayhem, and mystery are keywords to both this influence, and the new year before us. Truths will be revealed, some beyond the realm of belief, though deeply embraced by our eternal and inward knowing of Spirit. Expect upsets, and topplings of structures that no longer serve us. However, many helpers and tools await with which to create the lives we envision, so long as our spirits and hearts align with our will and path. 

The moon’s energy beckons you to cocoon alone in silent space and meditate on what you truly desire. This requires deep knowing of your self and Nature, which this energy will lend you, if you are open and will allow. 

* Bitches and witches, there is no full moon in February this year and I feel like that is a personal gift to me from the gods and the planets. My whole month, nearly my whole sign (Aquarius), will be in the dark- fucking y-e-s!!


From TheGoddessCircle:

Truth. Drop the masks. Stop hiding behind old patterns. Stop pretending everything is fine. Open up in relationships. Emotional. Don’t settle for less than you deserve out of loneliness. Focus where you want growth. Have courage. Show your truth. 

[I dig the succinctness of this.]


just a moment for my inner nerd.


From ‘Following the phases ~ moon love ‘ on Facebook:

As we approach the New Year and the first of our full moons in January, I would like you to pause. Breathe in this moment and many moments which are now and remember that you are blessed…no matter your circumstances. 

Life is full of birth, death, and rebirth. Just look at the moon! The wheel turns in a continuous cycle, but each a birthing of a new moment. 

As I think now of my journey here, I have had many experiences and not all pretty. Not all voluptuous, not all light. But every experience helped me grow. *

I have lost people who I have loved and experienced true, raw, depths of pain…

…Not realizing that this burning was also expansion. 

…Every scar, every tear, every withdrawl.
Every smile, every laugh, every expansion….

Brought me to my now. 

Every beautiful creation, every beautiful soul, every mistake, every sleeper, every heartache…

Helped me experience the fullness of life. 

You are not the pain, the joy, the emotion.
You are the awareness.

This is a sacred moment and the power is within you.
Write your new story.
Be mindful how you speak to you…because you are listening.

Read the books you love, find your people, eat your foods with compassion and joy, listen to the music that resonates with your soul, exercise dance, laugh, cry, create…and love!

* We do not believe that everything in life should be ‘light’ around here. Only the full expanse of human experience and emotion makes us fully human. Light and dark. Lots of gray. Dark stuff is nothing to fear, unless we hold it back.


Finally, from The Witches Box:

The energetics of the Full Moon in Cancer:

  • water
  • emotions
  • cardinal
  • nurturing
  • nourishing
  • mother
  • intuition

Make your own magic.

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What can I tell you, my peeps? This is a good full moon. What do you do with it? Sit under it. Let its light fall on you. Let your heart tell its truths in this light- and fucking listen to what it says. Fall into the softness of the feminine, let it hold you. Wander inside yourself. Find your magic and let it lead you.

Big love,
Joanna :: xoxo




The Laughing Heart

by Charles Bukowski

your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.
there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.
be on the watch.
the gods will offer you chances.
know them.
take them.
you can’t beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes.
and the more often you learn to do it,
the more light there will be.
your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.




Things That Need to Be Said

Hey there. I know- I’m posting and it’s not been two weeks! WEIRD. (jk, jk)

Actually, this isn’t a proper post, it’s a re-blog of John Pavlovitz’s articles. He’s my new favorite Christian thinker and blogger.

Christian? you say.
I know.
Crazy, right?

The thing is, I grew up Christian/Protestant and so it will always be the tradition that I go back and wonder how it’s doing. I did my rebellion and I moved forward in my spiritual maturation process, but I will always look back at Christianity to see if it has grown, too. Any maybe it has, with John Pavlovitz.

Anyway, here are two posts I think deserve time and attention, from anyone who calls themselves ‘spiritual’ and most especially from those who call themselves, ‘Christian.’ I wish I had written these words.

Mr. Pavlovitz, you’re re-shaping Christianity into something better than it has been for years. I look forward to more.


Let The Record Show…

Let the record show that I did not consent to this.

Let it show that I did not vote for this man, that he did not represent me, that I did not believe he was deserving of being here, that I grieved his ascension.

Let History record my objection to him, to the ways he humiliated women and vilified Muslims and threatened protestors and disregarded people of color.

Let it record my repulsion at his tremendous cruelty, his lack of compassion, his contempt for dissension, his absence of simple decency.

Read more…


White, Conservative, Christian Friend- I Really Wish You Were ‘Pro-Life’

You tell me that you voted for Donald Trump for one reason: because you’re pro-life.

Despite everything you’ve seen and know about this man (much of which you openly lament), you say that you just can’t support someone who doesn’t share your burden, and that you’re voting solely this issue.

Life, you say is the ultimate deal breaker for you.

I wish that were true.

I actually don’t believe you’re pro-life, I believe you’re anti-abortion, which is a far more selective and convenient defense of Humanity. From where I’m standing it seems as though “Life” for you, comprises a very narrow demographic—one that bears a striking resemblance to you. The unborn are easy to advocate for because you can idealize them into something palatable to you, something benign and comfortable, something in your own image.

You see, it’s not that you’re really pro-life, you’re pro-straight, white, Christian fetuses.

I can tell by how often your heavy burden for the sanctity of life evaporates upon delivery. In so many cases this compassion really has a nine-month expiration date, as if life begins at conception but ends upon leaving the birth canal. The completion of that third trimester is actually the shelf life of your passionate regard for much of the living.

Read more…


Forged. Punk. Sexy.

I: Forged.

The other day on Facebook, I wrote to someone that I was becoming more ‘militant.’
And I didn’t like that. At all.

Militant. The technical definition is ‘combative or aggressive in support of a political or social cause.’ The synonyms are ‘zealot,’ ‘extremist,’ and ‘radical.’

These aren’t necessarily words I associate with myself. And I didn’t really want to associate myself with them. They felt too pushy, aggressive (obvs), and hard. The word militant made me feel like I was suddenly wearing armor.

And even though I am fighting, I did not want to feel that I was hardened.
Strong? Yes.
Hardened? No.

There is something about being armored or hardened that allows the feminine to shrink. The flowing, receptive, love- and creativity-centered feminine must be protected. And it is strong all on its own- the feminine does fight, and fiercely. But when ‘militant’ and ‘armored’ become my mask, the feminine within me recedes; I am fighting from a place that is not my true identity, which is the feminine.

As I began to play with the images and words associated with ‘militant’ I began to think of strength and power and how we grow those qualities within ourselves. And I began to think of swords being forged in the fire.

Sword makers put the original metal (which will be a blade) in the fire to warm it and make it maleable. Then they pull it from the fire to shape it and harden it. And they return it to the fire, repeating this process until the blade is finished.

The process of heating the metal, over and over, does something special to it: it hardens the ‘lattice’ of the metal and reduces any imperfections in the chemical structure. And as the shape and the edge and the clarity of the sword are forged, so is its strength and density.

It’s funny- when I was doing the work of letting go of the man I connected with during my Sex Surge, I forged myself each day. Stepping forward into my self, into self-love, and into what my soul knew was right every day. I failed sometimes, of course, but I always went back to that work- getting in the fire of my feelings, being shaped by what my soul knew was true, and pulling myself towards disconnection. I did not know how valuable that forging process would be to me now.

In my political work last week, I forged myself again. I knew, over and over, what I was fighting for. What I would work + plan + call + email + love + shout + pay + pray + live for. And each time I read something awful or read something positive or cried or got impatient, I knew I was in the fire- becoming stronger and clearer and ready to fight in my own way.

What is it that I fight for? The same old things: love, health, truth.
But now, with more strength and clarity than I have ever had before.

I am not militant out of hatred or fear, I am forged from returning, over and over again, to what I love most. Forged to fight.



II: Punk.

One of the other words that came to mind as I mulled about ‘militant’ was ‘punk.’ Those wonderful singers and artists (and a lot of pissed off teenagers) from the 1970s who turned words + pictures + fashion + music on their very heads. They blew the doors off traditional culture by saying, “FUCK YOU” to everything ‘normal.’

Yeah, I’m down with that.

There are a lot of men from my generation who wish they were punks. Many of them were inspired by the movie, Fight Club.  I read the book (because that’s what nerds do, even sexy ones). It is a Buddhist treatise on men who had inadequate or unavailable fathers and their inherent anger about a lack of role models and masculine support. In the book, the main character splits his personality to be one person at his day job and another at Fight Club. At Fight Club, our character feels real and masculine and adequate- something he doesn’t feel in his ‘normal’ life. In the end of the book, the main character ends up in a mental hospital – unsure of who he really is anymore.

One of the things the main character laments is a lack of meaning in life:

…I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars, advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of the history man, no purpose or place, we have no Great war, no Great depression, our great war is a spiritual war, our great depression is our lives…     |Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk|


What they want, instead of their modern apartment full of IKEA furniture and their Audi, is a life of meaning. A life that fights the dominant system and standards and turns those men into feeling humans. They want to be punk.

What’s interesting now is that the men who identified with this book and movie are enjoying the fruits of the labors Palahniuk bemoans here. They like their power and money and position. Would they really give it up to be punk?

The Gen X guys (and gals) who identify with this novel and its characters are failing to notice two things:


ONE: It is the least punk thing in the world to wait for the fight to come to you.

You don’t need a Great War or Great Depression or anything to be given to you so you can have meaning and learn to fight. To wait for the economic or political (or whatever) forces to hand you a problem so big your entire generation has to fix it is to miss the point. Being punk means making a new system and bringing the fight to them.

Being punk, being in a fight to feel alive- you can do this with anything that undermines the dominant paradigm. You can be a punk on any subject that has an underdog. Racial justice. Economic justice. Reproductive rights for women. Hell, plain old rights for women (wouldn’t it be awesome if the women you knew never had to carry car keys in their fist at night, ever again? Fight for that). Gun safety. Healthcare for all. Political comradery (and some goddamn term limits- that’ll fuck the dominant paradigm quite well).

It doesn’t matter what you choose. As long as you choose and fight.

Billy Joe Armstrong, lead singer of punk band Green Day, said of their ballad, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” that it was the most punk thing they could do. They were ridiculed in punk music circles for singing a soft, thoughtful love song- they undermined the dominant paradigm of punk by recording that song.

Punk and fight are something you choose- whether life hands you the option or not.


TWO: The fight is here, now. 

The U.S. election and political landscape have handed you exactly what you wanted: a problem it will take an entire generation to fight and fix. The selfish boy-king that was elected is not here to undermine the dominant paradigm and create something different. He is simply here to exploit the dominant paradigm to his own advantage. Exploitation is not punk; it is greed. Exploitation uses the current system to gain power; punk gives the down-trodden and overlooked power in a new system.

You want to fight for Something Important in your generation?
Do it now.
Because the fight is already here.
And I know where I stand.

I am a punk for love + truth + health.
Where do you stand?



III: Sexy.

This blog is about rebellion and honesty and eroticism. I’ve covered honesty and rebellion; where does eroticism join in? (It’s like a political threesome. And I dig that.)

The erotic is that which ignites our lust and draws us towards our pleasure. The erotic is what keeps us hungry and alive. And that is what is sexy about political action – the forging of our strength and the action we take as punks is fucking hot, if you’re paying attention. Because political action is what brings us alive. It is proof that we are human and connected and compassionate. And that shit is some head-spinning foreplay for those of us who believe life is about those very things.

In answer to what is sexy about all this, I leave you the words of Layla Martin, one of my favorite dakinis:

1. HELL YES to celebrating, respecting and empowering women and their bodies.

Yes to a thriving sexuality. Yes to women creating future on their own terms. Yes to ditching old-school shaming of women’s bodies and fear around their sexual power. Yes to laws that support a woman’s right to choose what happens in her own body. Yes to a woman having legal protection against sexual assault and rape. Yes to overthrowing the lasting effects of misogyny and female disempowerment and creating a truly pro-female world.

2. HELL YES to men.

Yes to men standing in their power and using their voices to create a just and equal society. Yes to us all rising together. Yes to men who are true leaders of integrity. Yes to men who are choosing love over fear. Yes to men who earn their privilege based on their talents, their hearts and their work – not through entitlement alone. Yes to men who are creating a future through their visionary wisdom.

3. HELL YES to diversity.

Yes to people of all colors. Yes to equality. Yes to acknowledging the lasting scars of racism and working to counteract that legally and socially. Yes to everyone having a fair shot at success in life. EVERYONE. Yes to a vibrant world of multiculturalism and real justice.

4. HELL YES to sexuality in all it’s beautiful and vibrant diversity

Yes to being gay. Yes to being queer. Yes to being transgender. Yes to being heterosexual. Yes to being bisexual. Yes to your big, beautiful sexuality and whatever you feel like expressing with another consensual adult.

5. HELL YES to truth.

Yes to being in integrity. Yes to leadership that is honest. Yes to science and facts. Yes to making conscious choices.

6. HELL YES to the environment.

Yes to stopping climate change. Yes to f**king nature. Yes to health and balance so we can relate and get sexy in the best possible ways.

7. HELL YES to love.

Yes to love in action. Yes to the kind of love that makes us not just kind and decent people – but also fierce and powerful in service of the things that matter.

8. HELL YES to sexuality.

Yes to our bodies. Yes to sex being gorgeous and artistic and free. Yes to LOVE motherf***kers!! YOU HEARD ME!!!

9. HELL YES to embracing our shadows.

Yes to embracing the nasty thoughts. The hidden thoughts. The shame and the guilt…and YES to having clear spaces and community to work through those parts of being human so our actions can reflect love and not fear more often than not.

10. HELL YES to freedom.

Yes to dancing in the streets. Yes to being playful for the fun of it. Yes to being joyful because too much seriousness is a f**king disease.

11. HELL YES to community.

Yes to embracing truth and freedom no matter what a government tells you is right or wrong. Yes to building loving connections that last. Yes to choosing based on your own inner wisdom. Yes to unleashing ecstasy and our wild souls on this world.

And finally…

12. HELL YES to relationships.

Getting through this week from hell showed me so much about partnership and the power of love.

As state after state was turning red and I knew the inevitable with all the sinking feeling of dread and terror in my body on election night, I went into shock. And in that shock and pain, Andrew and I held one another into the night.

And the shine in our eyes…the magic of our love…I thought, the whole world could crumble and still…this…this…

So let’s be that for each other.

The warm hug.

The loving eyes.

The strength when it all feels really hard.

I’ll be there for you and you can be there for me.

And create that for yourself all around you…you deserve it.

I’m a big YES to taking action.

::: ::: ::: :::

In the end, what’s all this about? It’s about me, becoming a new person. Someone stronger and clearer and more ready to fight for what is right than ever before.

It’s also about you and what you’re becoming. What are you becoming?

Action and in-action create outcomes. Not making a decision is making a decision. And we are responsible for the outcomes of our choices as much as we are responsible for the outcomes of our not choosing.

I would rather have the strength and the courage to act on what I know and want for this world, than stand by, sheltered in cowardice. I will step forward in love – in what I value the most – and take action. To forge myself, over and over again, and become strong. To stand against the system and make space for love of every shape and size.

“The helping professions have traditionally concerned themselves with wellness, health, and wellbeing. Wellness cannot stand on its own. Unless wellness is supported by justice, fairness,and equality, it is bound to fail. Poverty, marginalization, exclusion, and injustice are just as deleterious to the body as they are to the soul. To heal the soul, we need to heal the community. To heal the community, we need to change it.”

Prilleltensky, Prilleltensky, & Voorhees in Liberatory Psychiatry




New Moon in Scorpio :: The Veil Thins

Well, it’s Halloween/Samhain and last the new moon is in Scorpio. I’ve started tracking the moon here lately (with various sources), and it’s fun (it helps me, too!). So, more to share on this super special day of death, winnowing, and the veil between worlds being thinned…

Various sources say this moon is about:

Surrendering to the depths of our spiritual experiences and journeys, especially as they relate to dealing with our own darkness and the archetype of the Dark Mother.

(Who I have been worshipping for 3 years now. She’s not the devil; she’s destruction and rebirth).

| The Dark Mother’s Children |

::: ::: ::: :::

Ancestral energies are present (thinning of the veil and all) and making themselves known in unexpected ways. Patterns of thinking, fears which do not seem to have their root in your experience, financial trauma and sexual/love troubles as well as unexplained feelings of loss and abandonment may all be echoes of psychic debts that are related to your blood rather than soul.

Ancestors long to heal these wounds, but cannot do so without conscious acknowledgement and cooperation. After the setting of the sun, meditate- openly calling upon family members who have passed. Thank them for the gifts of life and wisdom passed to you. Agree to destroy the chains of the past that have imprisoned so many for so long. See the bonds between you loosening, and those issues being flotsam and debris, now burnt in eternal fire. Forgive, and assure love now and for the generations to come. And let go.

| She Who Is |

::: ::: ::: :::

Nothing in this universe remains stagnant for very long. Change and growth is inevitable. The Scorpio New Moon shakes us out of complacency offering yet another opportunity to let go of old beliefs, situations, and circumstances that do not match our inner truth. Quantum levels of healing can take place, if we are brave enough to forgive and move on. This lesson will be brought to light by the Super Full Moon (11/14) when emotional tides are at their peak and Mother Nature speaks the loudest.

Every New Moon is a new beginning which helps illuminate the positive qualities of the sign. Scorpio is the water sign, which rules our deepest emotions and hidden fears. Scorpio rules the mysteries of life…what is behind the veil, taboo, secret, and occult. Scorpio is known as the ‘sexy’ sign, but that translates as inner magnetism and charisma, which can attract or repel at will.

We all have the inner Magician, Priestess, Shaman, Psychic Detective, Dark Goddess and Psychologist, indicated by the house where the sign of Scorpio falls in the birth chart. With awareness, these archetypes can be used constructively for our own healing and transformation.

The positive side of Scorpio teaches compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others; the right use of power, loyalty, and self-discipline. We learn that true intimacy is not based on control or possessiveness, but the desire for oneness, compassion, and truth.

The shadow side of Scorpio is abuse of power, secrecy, judgment, emotional repression, obsession, control, revenge, and manipulation. Recognizing and owning those qualities, rather than projecting them on others, becomes necessity in this time.

| The Mother House of the Goddess |



My favorite take on this time- the moon and the new year- is from MaryBeth Bonfiglio. Let what she has to say sink into your bones– her voice is so much truth to me. And honor this time of year, this moon, for what we can release. And what we can plant with assurance of its fruition.


Live the Catastrophe

Happy New Moon. In Scorpio. During the most powerful time of year {{in my opinion}}.  The time of year when death, grief, and connection are what moves us through the darkness, which brings us to places in ourselves we might have never been.  In some spiritual paths, this time of year is the New Year, the end of a cycle that has passed, a whole 13 moons to burn and bury. In other spiritual paths, this time of year is when their ancestors, those that carved the blood path of life before them, come to the edge and reach out their wisdom, longings, and blessings to us, the future ancestors.

Any way you look at it, this turn of seasons is one of depth. And width. One that invites you to go down. And within. And In. One that finds you. You do not have to look far.

Today I had my mind blown. I sat in a small group to hear Stephen Jenkinson call and respond to questions asked. This man is like the one teacher you know is so needed in the world, who encompasses compassion, who has the presence in a culture that is dying as another culture is trying to be born. He is one of those people who never answers a question straight or tries to fix anything. Instead, he just tells stories. So that we do not feel so alone.

At one point he explained to us that the word “catastrophe” had the greek meaning to “go down” and to “go in”.

This really hit me hard. 

As we are found and invited to darkness, often times we don’t accept {at least I don’t, because I tend to want to “fix” things from “above”}. Because we know that if we do, we might make a big huge mess of our very orderly, very scheduled, very solution based living. That if the darkness finds us, we might want to just skim the surface and say we entered it but know that we really did not.  Or maybe we just turn our backs to it entirely and prefer to face the illusion of light. And stay the same.

But here is the thing. The Catastrophe is a gift. When things are shaken. When things break. When our life turns itself inside out. When we feel uninvited  Terrified. Not wanting to face what or who agitates us. When we just want easy {really… who wants all easy, if everything was all easy what would we all sit around and talk about with each other?}  When we look around and we don’t recognize the world. When we don’t understand what is happening or how to even live anymore. When things feel so different. When we wish things were so different. When we are swollen with grief but we don’t understand why. Or when we cannot find the time to cry.

The catastrophe awaits us. Let the darkness bring you on the wild ride. Try it out. But the path is this: go down {inside yourself* inside what you love* inside what aches* inside what you do not understand*} and then go within {find yourself *so inside* it that you don’t know how to get back out}. Then trust. That what will happen will happen.That in learning to die we learn to live.

We cannot change things. Until we decide to change things.

This whole big shebang, right here, isn’t permanent. Nothing is. So whatever it is you do, please, proceed with Love. Love hard. Love fierce. And Love your way through, past faith, past ideas, past what you think you are suppose to want.

And that is my blessing tonight for this new moon. To undo what isn’t love. And to undo what keeps me from fully going down and within. To undo the idea that I am living when I know that every second, I am dying. I want to know better. I want to love more. I want this life to be fully lived. For us all. So much.

::: ::: ::: :::

That’s what I got today, beautiful peeps. I wish you all a safe and joyful journey on this strange trip called life. May you be healed, may you be well, and may you have all the love you wish for.