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Oh, my, my. Oh, hell, yes.


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The Serpent Manifesto

Go now and build a madness nest
a treasure chest
a place to rest
so every woman who is seeking solid ground can land her feral dancing
can wail her prayers and chanting
her no apology passion
and her sacred, soulful ranting

This is our demand
This is the voice of snakes
and the psalms of hands
All your sisters before you- they knew
All your sisters before you- they walked through this fire, too
They faced the shaming and the shunning
Yet they fanned the holy humming
Then they welcomed a new coming

We need your wildness, Woman
We need your wolf howl, Woman
We need your deep scowl, Woman
We need your truth vow, Woman

We need it as much as we need
your care taking
We need it as much as we need your love making
Because Kings and Queens- they’re one
Because divided kingdoms are done

The world needs all of you, but more importantly- you need all of you- the rushing river cluster star loud scream soft melt hard thrust slither kiss ALL of you

YOU need your wildness, Woman

And it’s not going away
it’s not giving up on you
it’s hunting you like a focused warrior
Ruling you like a golden empress
Rocking you like an ancient cradle
Injecting your life with

| Jocelyn Edelstein |

::: ::: ::: :::

When you want some of this magic,
when you think you might be ready to beg for it,
come find me.

Big love,
Joanna :: xoxo




Modern Hymnal: We Belong

I haven’t thought about the modern hymnal for a long time, but this song came on the radio tonight, and I knew I wanted to add it. There probably should be a whole section in my modern hymnal for songs about rain; I’ll have to write that post sometime.

Tonight we had a lovely thunderstorm at my house. The sky was almost a charcoal gray, waiting for the rain to finally gather itself into fat drops and begin the short deluge, like angry water balloons splashing all over you. There was lightning and thunder and when it was all done the eery yellow light that seeps from the ground and gradually opens up to the sky as the clouds part. It was the kind of perfect rain that makes the heart of this Seattle girl feel at home in this strange land.

And Pat Benetar’s wonderful song was playing while all this happened. Always a favorite and glad to add it to the modern hymnal.

What’s in your sacred, personal hymnal, friends? What songs always delight you? Or fill your heart? Or remind you of something important, beautiful, or lost? I wish we could sit down together and talk about it.


Photo by Joy Stamp on Unsplash


We Belong

Many times I tried to tell you
Many times I cried alone
Always I’m surprised how well you cut my feelings to the bone
Don’t want to leave you really
I’ve invested too much time to give you up that easy
To the doubts that complicate your mind

We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better
We belong, we belong, we belong together

Maybe it’s a sign of weakness when I don’t know what to say
Maybe I just wouldn’t know what to do with my strength anyway
Have we become a habit? Do we distort the facts?
Now there’s no looking forward
Now there’s no turning back
When you say

We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better
We belong, we belong, we belong together

Close your eyes and try to sleep now
Close your eyes and try to dream
Clear your mind and do your best to try and wash the palette clean
We can’t begin to know it, how much we really care
I hear your voice inside me, I see your face everywhere
Still you say

We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better
We belong, we belong, we belong together

We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder
We belong to the sound of the words we’ve both fallen under
Whatever we deny or embrace for worse or for better
We belong, we belong, we belong together

We belong to the light, we belong to the thunder…

| Songwriters: Daniel Anthony Navarro / David Eric Lowen |

Find the video here.

::: ::: ::: :::

G’night from a happy girl, sitting in the rain.

Big love,
Joanna :: xoxo




this all ends.

One of my favorite things to do in divination is set my iPod to ‘oracle’ (which is to say, “random”) and say, “Tell me what I need to know.” And it does.

And dear hearts, I just want to remind you that this all ends. Someday you will no longer exist, so live as much as you can, in your own way, as many days as you can. Whether your greatness is being kind to people as they walk the aisles of Target or whether your greatness is Oprah-level influence. Do it. Because once it all ends, you will know: it doesn’t fucking matter what you do, so do what you want.

If the last few days have been hard, old wounds have been touched, old hurts, old demons have arisen- you’re not alone. And it will shift by Saturday. Stay with it, face it. Whatever is hurting or painful is here to help you heal.

There is an old question on various social media platforms that I sometimes ponder: what would you attempt if you knew you would not fail? I think it’s an admirable question. But I prefer this one today: what would you leave if you knew it would not hurt? Because, of course, it will hurt. But the most painful thing is probably the one that needs the most healing. And that means we must face it, feel it, and reconcile it. (My favorite question to begin this journey? “When did I first feel this way?”)

But this is all to say: let go of whatever is painful. Find your freedom. And live in the best way you know how, as many days as you can. Because this all ends.

Some tunes for the journey:

Sound the Bells | Dessa

Bicycle tricycle | Rosie Thomas

Prayer of St. Francis | Sarah McLachlan

One Life | Hedley (for something uplifting)

Skankin’ to the Beat | Fishbone (because it’s such a great song for going crazy and saying “FUCK IT!”)

Big love, fellow travelers, for all that you are and all that you wish to be.
Joanna :: xoxo


Photo by Dustin Scarpitti on Unsplash




we are magic

Hey there, my friends! Did you miss me? Well, I missed you, too. <smoooooch!> It’s been a busy week- I’ve been sick (thank you JesusBuddha for antibiotics!) and life has just been it’s regular old self- happening.

I wanted to check in and say hello and leave you with something to think about. I’m taking a Divination course with Megan Potter over at LimitlessLiving and she shared this quote with us last week. It’s good to chew on, not only in terms of magic and divination, but also in terms of just who we are and how we use ourselves in the world (and maybe who we want to be).


In magic we don’t speculate, we don’t judge, we don’t doubt, we don’t exalt ourselves or lower ourselves. In magic we just ARE. And as we are, we act.

Successful magic is all about doing. Not thinking. And not feeling either. Magic is about doing and observing what you do and what others do. But the condition is that this observation must be exercised from the perspective of detachment. We use feeling as fuel for our magic, but the condition for successful magic is that you are not attached to your fuel… You are fully magical when you’re above judgement and evaluation of any kind. In magic you ride the wave of intention, as your intention aligns with the act of surrendering to the powers that be.”

| Camelia Elias |

::: ::: ::: :::

I was also reminded this week that smashing our altars is a good practice now and then. To take our spiritual practice out into the actual world and refuse to believe or act in ways that ‘spiritual’ is better or different than ‘real life.’ Because it ain’t.

Love you, fellow travelers.
Joanna :: xoxo




mood :: i wish i could speak like music

You get a double post today because I am in a mood.

I am tired of hypocrites. [even though I, too, sometimes do hypocritical things.]
I am tired of those who will not look at their darkness
I am tired of what may be worse yet :: to look at darkness and refuse to engage with it
I am tired of guns and violence [even though I am sometimes violent and born to a violent culture.]
I am very tired of inequality. Very tired.
I am tired of willful ignorance. [it is not even ignorance; it is stupidity.]
I am tired of needless death and suffering.
I am tired of needless death and suffering.

And yet.

All I want in this moment, in this mood
Is to sit with someone
chest to chest
and feel the warmth of their beautiful human body

I want to look into their eyes
and smile
and cry
and let all the love that is within me
vibrate into them

To cup their face in my hands
And kiss their uglybeautiful soul
with my eyes
my smile
my lips

In this mood of darkness
all I want
is to set love free.


::: ::: ::: :::

Perhaps Hafiz said it better.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I wish I could speak like music.

I wish I could put the swaying splendor
Of the fields into words

So that you could hold Truth
against your body
and dance.

I am trying the best I can
With this crude brush, this tongue,

To cover you with light.

I wish I could speak like divine music.

I want to give you the sublime rhythms
of this earth and the sky’s limbs

As they joyously spin and surrender,
Against God’s luminous breath.

Hafiz wants you to hold me
Against your precious

And dance,

| Hafiz |

::: ::: ::: :::

A similar mood. Because I need the way this feels tonight. [just tell me I’m good enough]

Sarah McLaughlin in the way only she can say it:

Just let me try
and I will be good to you

::: ::: ::: :::

I love you all, fellow travelers. May we be very good to each other, may we love as much as we can, even in our anger, even in our fear, even in our weariness.

Joanna :: xoxo