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New Moon in Gemini

Well, work was busy today, so here are your notes for the New Moon in Gemini tonight. It’s a sweet moon with lots of power and potential.

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From Chani Nicholas ::

[who also offers uplifting horoscopes for the coming week at her site]

Fairly uninfluenced by any other planet, and disconnected from any other major, current astrological pattern, the new moon in Gemini is available to work with us in whatever way we need.

It’s the only one of its kind for a while (…eclipses are coming).

In Gemini, the new moon focuses on what we might learn, communicate, and distribute in the area of life that it impacts. Gemini is forever searching for its twin. A twin that can pick up on both verbal and non-verbal cues. A twin that will stay connected no matter the space both parties need. A twin that is busy dancing to their own beat, but always ready to get down to the good groves that others have to offer. 


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The Goddess Circle, with her clear lists:

Seeing things as they are.
Truth can be hurtful, but needed to move forward.
Question everything.
Get to the bottom of things.
You deserve the truth.
Follow your instincts.
Stop denying dreams, desires, and goals.
Stop putting energy into what is draining you and your energetic resources.
Move away from those who don’t appreciate you or your time.


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From the folks over at Elephant Journal:

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury; therefore, Mercury’s characteristics will also be highlighted and intensified during this new moon. Geminis are renowned for being talkative and argumentative, and Mercury is known for communication, therefore conversations may have misunderstandings and quickly and easily become heated.

Mercury is associated with agreements, contracts, listening, learning, negotiating, purchasing, selling, speaking, travel plans, and vehicles. Therefore, when the moon is in Gemini, we can expect any or all of these things to be impacted. Gemini has both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities and can be volatile, so we may feel one emotion vividly one minute and an entirely different one the next.

New moons represent the end of one 28-day cycle and the start of a new one, and this lunar event is also the last of an intense and energetic half year. It is a turning point for clearing out old energy from the past six months and is a catalyst for beginning the second half of the year focused on creating space for positive energy to enter. 

We have gone through many drastic energy shifts lately, which have taken us through personal transformation and caused us to vibrate on an entirely different frequency. This new supermoon brings another major awakening, in which we will see everything around us as though we are viewing and perceiving it all for the first time. This can feel terrifying, as we may suddenly question how we have managed to maintain certain relationships or continue in certain jobs or living arrangements for so long.

Gemini’s moon is giving us the courage to speak our truth, loudly and clearly, and we will intuitively know what we want and where we are heading. We will be looking back over the past six months and understanding why we have been through certain challenges, what they have taught us, and how they have led us to where we are now.

As we go through this deep inner reflection, we will receive a clear vision of where we want the journey through the second half of the year to take us. This could mean that we will need to commit to a dramatic detox of our lives, so that anything that is not aligned with where we want to be when the year ends has to be released.

This is most certainly the time to get rid of any habits, patterns, thoughts, obsessions, commitments, dynamics, or material items that have been weighing us down and keeping us stuck in a reality that it neither healthy or serving us. Anything that no longer resonates with who we are and how we want to be living will start to dissipate before our eyes.


new moon in gemini

Dark moon, but a sky full of potential.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


From Big Sky Astrology:

It’s so easy to trivialize Gemini, to dismiss it as a fickle, gossipy, lightweight sign. But that is a young person’s way of looking at it, the perspective of someone who hasn’t yet learned about the tyranny of definition. When you’ve spent decades writing, editing, and telling your own life stories, you begin to see Gemini quite differently. Is it fickle to decide that you want the opportunity to explore something new about yourself, or is it a response to something primal and creative? Is it intellectually lazy to gossip about other people, or is it simple curiosity and fascination with fellow humans?

The Gemini experience is like a “road” movie, in which two or more very different characters, thrown together by chance, set out on an adventure by train, car, bus, horseback, or spaceship. By the end of the film, they’ve developed an appreciation for one another and a better understanding of themselves. But usually, the story ends with them going their separate ways.

The late critic Roger Ebert wrote about the peripatetic protagonist of one of my favorite road movies, Paris, Texas, “He loves and cares, he empathizes, but he cannot touch. He does not have that gift.” The most unfortunate perception of Gemini, I think, is that those with planets in this sign lack feeling or caring. Nothing could be further from the truth. But feeling is one thing, and touching a life is quite another. Each of us carries the Gemini gene, and most of us limit our close relationships, instinctively understanding that once we’re involved, we’re less available to new experiences. Once we’ve decided to be one thing, we can’t be another, no matter how much we might yearn to. For better or worse, commitment is the enemy of reinvention.

Each year, at the Gemini New Moon, we embark on a road trip for which destination and outcome are entirely beside the point. The Gemini season is for learning and reinvention, not for decisions. It’s the season of summer camp and internships and backpacking across Europe, and long drives across desolate highways, where there is nothing but room—room to be someone different for awhile, to let your imagination breathe, and to create a new story for yourself. 

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And I love how Aeolian Heart mixes astrology with music:

In the northern hemisphere, there will be a feeling of great anticipation for the Sun’s dramatic climax on the solstice, which will begin the golden days of summer. But this week is the time to prepare for this dramatic shift in seasons.

As if divinely timed, on Wednesday the New Moon in Gemini will become a magical moment to raise yourself up in wisdom and accomplishment. Let this New Moon be the seed that creates the best conditions possible for the next season of your life.

As the Sun climbs higher each day through the final decan of Gemini, you will feel stirred and unnerved by a restless energy. Still immersed in the flurry of ideas, questions, and theories, your heart will begin to yearn for a sense of meaningful purpose. After all, what good is knowledge without a raison d’être to inspire the pursuit?

Gemini season is about becoming a pollinator, a honey bee buzzing with curiosity. But now, all the mental energies that have been dispersed upon Gemini’s intellectual breezes will hear the call to return to the center of your being.

To a honeybee, the freedom of flight and the immersion in floral splendor must be deeply pleasurable. But the true purpose of pollination is to bring all that light and love back to the hive, where pollen can be alchemized into a magical elixir.

Thus, this week begins the process of returning home, to the center of your heart, so that you can begin transforming your new knowledge and ideas into pure magic! 


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And now, after reading all this and getting it in order, I can see: there are things I need to let surface so I can feel them and let them go. And then, it is time to sit softly in the most honest part of my heart and feel the truth of what wants to grow next.

I think it’s also time for a New Moon ritual. A bit of chanting, a bit of dreaming, a bit of just sitting under the trees in the dark and soaking it all in.

And I really have to go re-write yesterday’s post because it’s a fucking mess. I promise to never write near a New Moon, while on my first day of Claritin, and maybe approaching PMS again. Jeeze.

Big love, fellow mistake-makers and travelers, big love,
Joanna :: xoxo



Full Moon in Sagittarius

Hello, lovelies! How are you doing? I’m doing fab.

Had a great weekend and really feeling happy and fulfilled lately. Back in Jan/Feb I made some mistakes and found a couple holes in my life (and just accepted some stuff) and I’m starting to see the fruits of taking care of my needs. I’m having fun, being silly, loving and being loved, and filling myself up. Not that I don’t have my bad days (my mind wanted to remind me of some really terrible – both emotionally and in content – texts I sent from that period and…ugh…yeah, there are parts of me that need more love and I can learn from my embarrassment…yay?).

In any case, I’m doing well and I hope you are, too. It’s gorgeous here in Southern New England today and shout out to Roger Williams, the founder of my state, who believed in the principles of religious freedom and freedom to choose whom to associate with, as not to be dictated to anyone else. I think that’s a direct quote. Anyhow, it’s the one reason I dig this state.

But enough about me (I have more to share in a few days anyhow). Here are your Full Moon in Sagittarius snippets. Hope it’s a good one for you all.

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From Weaver Tarot via The House Of Twigs ::

Sagittarius is the seeker, the hunter, the centaur. Chiron, the wound healer centaur, is often associated with Sagittarius. Much like any Sagittarian, he was driven and philosophical in his approach to life even after he sustained a wound that could not be healed. After he was wounded, he roamed the earth searching for a cure. Although he never found a cure, he became a proficient healer and used his skills to help others.

Just like Chiron, we all have a part of us that is the victim, the hunter, and the healer. Much of our psyche’s energy comes from the tension between these aspects of ourselves pulling and pushing against each other. We constantly strive to heal, to provide, to find love, we strive for safety and security etc. The key is to not let any of the aspects overcome you. If you don’t hunt, you won’t eat. If you don’t tend to your wound, it will fester. If you don’t rest, you will collapse. Staying healthy is about understanding these aspects of the self and balancing them.

Unless you are focused and have clear outlets for this extra energy, this full moon could prove to be uncomfortable and lead to sleeplessness, impulsiveness, and anxiety. Conversely, if you are motivated and prepare for this influx of energy and power, the full moon could be a great time to attain your goals, start new projects, and even start healing old wounds.

While some of your energy may be drawn towards achieving goals, it is completely normal for some of your energy to flow towards activities that simply make you happy or at ease. For example, you may be drawn to artwork or spellcraft this weekend. You may get the sudden itch to get your paperwork in order. Or, you may want to go horse riding. All of these activities express energy and help you build and expand your power

If giving yourself permission to invest your power and express your energy in any way you see fit feels wrong… breathe. We are raised in a society that praises structured achievement. Sagittarian energy can feed this need for achievement. However, any good healer and hunter will tell you that rest and caring for your mental health and soul health is imperative. You are allowed to be happy. Happiness is a perfectly healthy and important goal.

If you are feeling the call of this full moon particularly strongly, you are probably a healer. However, it is important that you take this time to heal yourself first—just like Chiron. Own your wild. Keep the balance. Draw strength and wisdom from your wounds. Hunt down your joy. Feel your power and rejoice in it.


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From Saltwater Stars ::

Thinking about how big Sagittarius/Jupiter energy is. This means big feelings with Tuesday’s full moon. This also means you may be high enough to get an aerial view of everything. A full/different perspective may relieve excess feelings. Try not to go it alone or hide from love. 


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From The Goddess Circle ::

Have faith in the unseen.
Don’t lose hope.
Believe the good things are coming.
Let go of past disappointment.
Release beliefs that are not serving you.
Expect the unexpected.
Getting information.
Making plans for the future.
Focus on truth, not illusion.
Blunt communication. 


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From Big Sky Astrology ::

Sagittarius does start out on each journey so happily, as though birth were a baptism that removed all memory of the pain and terror of Scorpio, its preceding sign. Sagittarius is a bundle of instinctual joy in gleeful defiance of rationality, and the Full Moon in this sign is a big, happy, irrational invitation to join the party; to approach life with good humor, innocence, and a glint of uncivilized rowdiness.

But look just a little bit closer. At this particular full moon, Sagittarius’ ruling planet, Jupiter, is in Scorpio. Scratch the surface of all this smiling buoyancy and you’ll find an ancient, aching bruise. There is, perhaps, some tiny bit of funk in your psyche that the baptism did not quite reach, some vestigial, unforgiving Scorpio wariness.

When you look in the mirror in the bright light of this Sagittarius Full Moon and smile your shiniest smile, don’t be surprised to see something a little darker behind your eyes. You’ve traveled your road, and you’ve earned those lines, that wariness. But remember, too, Sagittarius’ gift for determined optimism to see things a little brighter, a little grander. As a glorious, turn-of-the-20th-century bank instead of a Walgreen’s. As a world where your grandfather is still alive and drinking from his favorite brandy snifter. As an internal meridian of longitude where you were once whole, and happy, and ready to smile at anything – and with a little bit of determination, you can be again. 


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I hope this full moon gives you exactly what you hope for, fellow travelers.

Big love from Weirdsville,
Joanna :: xoxo




New Moon in Taurus

Hello, lovelies! I hope you are all doing well. Apparently there is some big shizz happening in the skies – moon cycle and otherwise – and it means a lot of change. Hold on to your hats! Here’s what they’re saying…

Over at Aeolian Heart Astrology, Rachel shares about how the new moon and the movement of Uranus into the sign of Taurus will work together:

As this new Uranian era progresses, reimagine your relationship to sudden shocks and disruptions. Even disasters can blossom into a profound awakening. And much like in the song Electric Feel, there is both eroticism and poetry in the experience of revelation. The lyrics describe a path of transcendence, where emotion, sexuality, and intellect are electrified into a state of boundless freedom.

This is the essence of Uranus’ purpose.

Remember that the element of uncertainty is not meant to paralyze you with fear. Like sex and beauty, it is meant to invigorate you with a renewed lust for life!

Therefore, rather than quaking in fear of the electric shocks that Uranus will bring, try to anticipate them with pleasure, knowing that you have the power to transmute any agony into ecstasy!

This transit will begin much more than a personal shift in consciousness. In recollection of the past and in homage to the future, the next seven years of Uranus in Taurus will bring tremendous evolution and revolution to humanity’s relationship to wealth, natural resources, and the earth’s beauty.

The New Moon and Uranus’s ingress into Taurus sound the beginning of a new era. Let this energy liberate your imagination, allowing your visions of the future to sparkle with new light!


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From Alex Myles over at Elephant Journal:

The moon is exalted when in Taurus, meaning the moon and Taurus adore one another, and the sensual affinity they share means they resonate with each other deeply and harmoniously. This causes lunar energy to feel intense during this period, making us feel highly intuitive and ultra sensitive.

Taurus is a grounded earth sign and represents the rational, responsible, financial, and material aspects of life. Those born under this sign are known to think about themselves and protect their own interests and stability before thinking about others, and this is where we are all going to learn huge and unforgettable lessons.

This new moon will feel gentle, but it is also going to flip our lives upside down and shake them up a little—just for long enough so we recognise how we are communicating, and who and what we are prioritising. Reviewing our lives helps us find compromise and achieve balance, and as with everything moon-related, it may destabilise us for a few days, but is beneficial for our highest good and personal evolution.

The reason our lives will temporarily feel like a roller-coaster is that all too often, Taurus’ energy exists in a bubble where they place themselves high above others, which can be healthy in moderation, but when there’s little regard for the people surrounding them, relationships can break down and fail. Therefore, we will be forced to take a long, hard look at how we express ourselves and how often we ignore those who mean the most to us, particularly when they need it most.

We don’t realise what we’ve lost until it has long gone, and we then have no choice but to face the realisation that we haven’t put enough effort into our relationships with friends and loved ones. Fortunately, this new moon is offering us a warning before we reach the “too little, too late” stage so we can make vital changes before bonds are severed and bridges burn to the ground.

The cosmic energy swirling in the air will have a major impact on our intimate relationships as we realise what we truly value, desire, and need to feel fulfilled. The most effective way of finding this out is by learning to embody the essence of unconditional love and acceptance, so we glow from within, rather than seeking external materialism, validation, and love.


Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash


From Bairavee Balasubramaniam (a.k.a. The Sky Priestess):

Take the time to sit with yourself and know what it is you truly want. This is not an intellectual exercise or a philosophical one. It is a consciousness that radiates out of the core of your cellular being. This will help you better prepare for Uranus’ shift into Taurus.

Trust your body’s wisdom.
Trust its connection with the Earth and Sky.
And things will be clearer.

Even if the answers are not yet clear, give yourself permission to receive them when you are ready. 

[Okay, not about the moon, but sound advice for pretty much anything, so it stays.]


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Put focus and energy into intentions.
Plant seeds and tend soil.
Feed intentions.
What is worth putting your resources into?
Expect changes to environment, jobs, relationships, and beliefs.
Clear away the old.
Be flexible with change. 


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One of my favorite writers and teachers, Marybeth Bonfiglio:

Also :: this new moon stuff is hard.

It’s not a gifting give away. This new moon is going to demand that we reach hard core into pivoting ourselves. It’s going to break open the earth under us and make us look at the roots we have been growing. Are they short and scattered? Or are they deep and close to home? Where are we putting our time? What systems are we still connected to that don’t line up with our hearts? Have we been tending to our soil? Are our roots rotted? Being strangled by invasive species because our boundaries have been shit? This moon asks us to spend some time paying attention to how we have been connecting ourselves to the places within and underneath us. To the places we occupy.

This is the season of the Mother, of new life bursting everywhere. Of blooms opening. Of days lengthening. This is the season of Earth, of Taurus, the deepest sign of the ladylands. What does this mean to you? What does it mean to be living in the cosmic vibration of grounded Earth? How can that inform what you are doing today? Tomorrow? How can that inform how you breathe into this new moon? How can that navigate you to unzip yourself and listen as loud as you can?



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I think there’s not much else to say, my loves. Center in yourself. Stay strong enough to bend and release. Open your arms enough to both let go of that which isn’t working and welcome in that which you desire in your deepest heart. And hydrate!

See you on the flip side!
Joanna :: xoxo




Full Moon in Scorpio

Hey lovelies, how are you doing tonight? Sorry for the late post, but it’s been a great weekend of work, fun, and learning. Here’s what you need to know for tonight’s full moon energy.

From Chani Nicholas:

If you are feeling wiped, wrecked, or reconfigured by life, you are channeling the more intense aspects of this full moon. A full moon in Scorpio is a time to allow all the emotions that would otherwise lay beneath the surface , to surface. You may need some down time, some me time, some time to allow a transformation to take place.

Life often feels overwhelming around a full moon. This one sits with Jupiter and it’s ruler sits with Pluto. All signs point to an abundance of energy. energy that you can use to regenerate or recalibrate. There’s no right or wrong thing to do in a full moon, as long as it involves taking care of yourself, you are on the right track… 

…Scorpio’s magnetism can attract to it what wants, but the most potent of its powers lies in being able to grapple with everything that its gifts brings. Resilience teaches us that gain never travels alone. It is accompanied by the best of questions. Was it worth it? Is this what I want? What has had to go by the wayside in order for this growth to occur? This full moon sits with Jupiter, also in Scorpio. Having been there since October of 2018, Jupiter and the full moon are asking us what we have grown over the past six-months in the area of our chart that contains Scorpio. It asks us at what expense has this growth occurred, and what we have learned wasn’t worth carrying forward with us?

|| Such good questions- got me thinkin’!||

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From The Raven and The Mystic:

This moon in Scorpio reflects what Scorpio is best at- Transformation, Self-reflection- especially into our shadows, emotions, relationships, and with purging, purifying. And from there, moving forward with fire and conviction. 

Scorpio is most comfortable with darkness, and while the veil is thin on a full moon, we also tap into the powerful magic of Beltane (May 1), a dynamic festival of fire and courtship/fertility. 

We may at this time court our dreams, our lovers, our intentions, and visions. There is a heat and urgency to Beltane that quickens creativity. 

Scorpio itself is a creative force, a sensual, magical energy that invites our courage and intuition. Now is the time to make bold steps in business and relationships. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say. 

|| Full moon magic has me wishing for some new sensual pleasures, perhaps a new flirting partner. Magic works best when we wish and leave it alone. Can’t wait to see what happens. ||

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The Goddess Circle writes:

Believe in yourself and your abilities.
Trust yourself.
Only you can save yourself.
Take a step back and focus on the big picture.
Facing fears in relationships.
Going deeper or separating.
Make sure you’re not the only one putting in effort.
Shift beliefs.


Photo by Kristen Wyman on Unsplash


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From Aeolian Heart Astrology:

On April 29th, 2018 the Moon will be Full in Scorpio, shining a bright beam into the murky windows of the unconscious mind. Under a Scorpio Moon, it is primal instinct, not rationale, that will dominate. Expect to become prey to the claws of hunger and the sharpened teeth of desire.

The Sun’s light in Taurus worships the blossoming fertility of earthly paradise. But the Moon in Scorpio sees the inevitable future, a shadowy vision of paradise lost

…In Scorpio, lunar energy becomes sullen and dark moods begin to build like storm clouds on the horizon. The illumined realm of the unconscious will certainly arouse many primordial fears: horrifying visions of disease, drought and famine. Under such an influence, you may more willingly succumb to the pain of discontent and act out of desperation.

It is not contentment, but hunger that inspires forward motion. Consumed by instinct, the snake eats its own tail. The sign of Scorpio embodies the undulation beneath all natural cycles, where hunger precedes satiety and death precedes resurrection.

This Full Moon in Scorpio arrives with a cloud of darkness and discontent. But natural law requires that you submit to the process.

Think of this time as a climactic point of awareness. Whenever your sense of suffering is heightened, you can push past apathy into healing and renewal. You can uncover your instinct for resurrection, that burning desire for transformation.

At this Full Moon in Scorpio, you may grieve many things which are being lost, swept away by the tides of time. But the message of Scorpio is to remember that paradise is lost so that it may be reborn

|| I totally dig that she pairs each moon post with a popular song. This one is the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams. Go read, it’s delicious. ||

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Well, there you are. If your world is falling apart, it’s only because it’s time for something new, hopefully better, to be born from the ashes. If you’ve hard decisions to make, make them under this moon. Let go of the relationships- perhaps those with your own self- that need to go. I’ve put the fantasy of a sunshine lover in its proper place (as a lovely memory), and I wonder what the moon in my bed might deliver instead. I’ll dance with the darkness to find out.

Wish I could see your faces in the moonlight tonight my friends,
Joanna :: xoxo




New Moon in Aries

Hello, loves. Tonight or tomorrow, depending on who you ask and where you are, is the first new moon of the new astrological calendar. As noted in yesterday’s post, there is a lot of energy swirling this weekend (Friday the 13th, end of Mercury in retrograde, and the new moon) so if life feels kinda crazy, or suddenly kinda clear, it’s okay. As long as you’re alive and breathing you can keep going on this delightfully fucked up ride called ‘life.’ Here’s what’s on for the new moon.

From The Numinous ::

You stand on the edge of a diving board. In the action of jumping, two things happen: you leave behind the position that you knew, and you start developing a new arc.

Before you jump it helps to know your intention and direction. Where do you want to go? How do you want to act? Who are you becoming?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. This is the birth, the awakening. The sparked match that starts a bonfire. Warm yourself in the toasty flames of your brilliant visions.

The past weeks have been combative. Can you orient yourself toward inspiration instead? Plant seeds around the actions you’ll take, the creations you’ll make, and the new ways that you’ll put yourself out there. Conceive your new beginnings.

At the time of this New Moon, Mercury stations direct. Let your jump unfold slowly. There will be action, but it needs to uncoil from within you. It can’t be forced or rushed. Feel into the energy of the leap.

The chart of this New Moon has no air and very little water. It’s a dry burn of earth and fire. Balance it through conversation, learning new things, journalling, and letting your feelings flow. Get your ideas and emotions moving. Take care to set intentions that are aligned with your soul and make room for surprises.


From Aeolian Heart  Astrology ::

The Sun and Moon will be conjunct to Uranus, ushering in a wild and untamable spirit.

Astrologically speaking, the New Moon in Aries is the time to set the tone for the rest of the astrological year. This is a potent magical time to raise your energies high and project them towards an illuminated vision of the future.

Your intellectual and ideological questions have been revised and refreshed over the last three weeks. You now know what you need to put your mind towards.

Think of this year’s New Moon in Aries as being drumroll for the dawn of a totally new era! Because this New Moon is touched by a conjunction to Uranus and a square to Pluto, this is also a ritual cleansing that must be done before crossing the threshold.

Let this New Moon initiate you into a new sense of sovereignty.

Thus, this New Moon marks the beginning of a time of massive overarching shifts in the collective energies.

There will be a shift in the collective need for healing and in the questions that guide the development of this upcoming era. Set the intention now to adapt knowing that the spirit of this New Moon is one of triumph over adversity.


Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash


The Goddess Circle has her inimitable lists ::

Mercury goes direct (communication and action opens again).
Move plans and ideas forward.
Growth and expansion.
What will you risk to get what you want?
Watch reckless behavior.


From the Cosmic Intelligence Agency (CIA) ::

This new moon in pioneering Aries is especially cyber-cosmic as it is conjunct ultra-smart, innovative, revolutionary, and futuristic Uranus. Making this week a great time to align with all that’s truly new. 

The perfect metaphor for this Aries new moon conjunct Uranus is a baby chick breaking through its shell so that new life may emerge. Fascinating how this barely-there, little, life-ling, in all its isolation, ignorance and darkness moves effortlessly with its instincts to destroy its known world, its known perimeters, to awaken to the light and life of Consciousness itself. 


This is the potential for all of us at the new moon, to be awakened to a new world of possibilities and most importantly to awaken to a new MO (modus operandi) i.e. how we go about doing things…Our instincts are being purified, strengthened, grounded, and empowered so that we may have the necessary inte-grit-y to know the truth within and recognize that in the world. 

::: ::: ::: :::

We have the space and support to change, beloveds- to begin anew. If you know what you’re supposed to do that’s different, take a step in that direction. Teeny, tiny step. (I’ll hold your hand.) Tell your truth, step into what you know is right, even if it ain’t pretty. Let it all unfold from what’s inside you. This is beauty.

Love to you all from the path,
Joanna :: xoxo