naked gratitude

This is the first post for me here at TheNakedMystic. And I wanted to start it off with the best possible foundation.


That feeling where your heart is so full of love and support it breaks its boundaries and overflows. I’m not ashamed to show my heart or my gratitude; to stand here open and return the love that was given to me. 

grateful heart as drawn in colored pencils

I sit here, at my black desk, typing on my white computer, with a heart full of hope and gratitude. Hope for what may be, what I will learn, what we can share with each other. Gratitude for all the support, mishaps, insights, and pushes that have gotten me to this day.

My heart (and I) are simultaneously excited and scared. I want for this site to be a place of fun, honesty, exploration, and support. I am scared for how my hope (and what comes of it) might change me- what may challenge me and help me to – or force me to- grow.

“This is just the next step,” I remind myself. Only one step.

This site, which is a place for me to share my Big Spiritual Ideas and Big Spiritual Foibles, would not be possible without the following folks:

My partner and my family: you have helped me grow, though joy and pain, and supported every whim I ever had. You’ve made major karma points in loving me.

My women’s group: you have hooted in joy for me, held me close when I was a heap of tears, and listened as I told the same story for several years in a row. I love you and I know you love me back.

Friends who believed in me: you amazing people, from all over the world, who have shared yourselves with me and said, “that’s a really good idea!” You made me start believing that what I had to share was valuable.

Site designer extraordinaire: Kristy Gardner who makes gorgeous websites that work  (and, where she coined the term ‘bourbonator’- although I secretly think she’s a buorbonatrix) who was supportive, creative, and provided good boundaries. If only I could keep you around to help me with deadlines. 

The path, the Divine, the messes (especially the messes!), and the joys: This life is about learning. You have taught me well. I am more myself than ever before. 

My heart is open and wise as she can be.
And ready to rock and roll.

What can I do now but move from this foundation of gratitude and take that first step forward?
Here we go!