There are times in life when we need and want wise advice from a trusted companion. I offer two different services that can support you through your challenges, answer your questions and help you gain footing on your unique and well deserved spiritual path.

The Intuitive Alchemy Sessions


It may be that life is confusing to us. Perhaps there are too many – or not enough – choices available. Or we might need an answer to a long-standing question. Maybe something is weighing heavy on our heart or mind. Perhaps we are feeling a little ‘rumpled in spirit’ and a supportive hand would ease the discomfort we feel inside.

It’s not that these questions or concerns are overwhelming, it’s just that getting them out of our mind would bring so much more peace and reduce the weight we carry inside us.

The solutions have to be deeply personal and unique. I can help you find them.

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The Dark Night of the Soul


A dark night of the soul is exactly what it sounds like. A place in your mind, heart, and soul that feels dark, alone, and disconnected from Divine guidance and support.

Are you feeling alienated from Spirit? Or from Life itself? Does this feeling not only emanate from your mind, but also your soul?

This is one of the toughest places to travel in the spiritual path.

Luckily, you are not alone.

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I have been both blessed and lucky to work with amazing clients over the course of my spiritual journey. Here’s what some of them have to say about our time together.

“When I’m talking with Joanna, sitting across from her and telling her my problems… she listens. Deeply. And she really cares about helping me through whatever tough time I’m having. We end up finding humor in the saddest things, the most difficult times. Over the years she’s become a very dear friend to me, a rock. I’m a stronger person because of the time I’ve spent with Joanna. Joanna has helped me change my behavior, and she works with me without using guilt or nagging. Just kindness. Joanna has compassion for everyone. She knows how hard it is just to be human, let alone be struggling to be better, to get better, to do better. Her warmth, her humor, her acceptance of me, as I am – they are precious gifts. She is a wonderful person who was put on this earth to help people. I’m lucky to have met her, and blessed to have her in my life. I always feel better after I talk with Joanna.” -MD

“A few decades back, I went to see a wonderful psychiatrist who told me right from the get-go, “I am simply doing what your support network usually does. When we get you over this hurdle, your friends and family will be doing that job again.” It was super-helpful, and put things into perspective so that I could work on my issues without feeling I had a lifetime of shrink bills ahead of me.

Joanna is the perfect person to go to when your normal support network isn’t quite enough (or is way too much!), but you really don’t need to sign up for a year of sessions on the couch. When what you need is help navigating a difficult situation, or a good sounding board. When you’ve had more than enough of re-hashing your problems in your own head.

She brings insight, but no baggage, to every discussion. She is warm and enthusiastic, but doesn’t confuse your life with hers. She stays present (a rare, rare quality), and will listen without judgment. Plus (and crucially important for people like me), she has a sense of humor, and will help you keep your own in a crisis. She is also very smart, which never hurts.

Joanna can be the bridge that will carry you from the place that isn’t working, to the place that is.” – SW

Discover more about me (I’m a smarty-pants soul guide), my services or contact me to find out how I can help you on your holistic, spiritual, and healing journey now.

Let’s do this together.