The Dark Night of the Soul

A dark night of the soul is exactly what it sounds like. A place in your mind, heart, and soul that feels dark, alone, and disconnected from Divine guidance and support.

In the Dark Night, you may be feeling a sense of deep frustration or loss. We may feel we’ve failed miserably at something we didn’t even know we were supposed to work on.

It feels like there is no support in the Dark Night, just wandering. No one to reach out to, not even God. Feeling deeply lonely and sad is normal (and understandable).

It is one of the toughest places to travel in the spiritual path because it is something you feel in your soul. And that feeling touches everything in your life.

You may have tried reaching out to friends and loved ones for support, or maybe reading books, or praying. And while these are good resources, something about them is not reaching your soul; the healing is not happening.

Working through the Dark Night of the Soul is possible.

You can do it on your own, but there is a better way. A calm, compassionate, and supported way. And this way is with a soul-companion.

What Is A Soul Companion?

  • A soul companion listens deeply to you and what you need.
  • A soul companion sees what you need, how you can keep moving ahead, and tailors her guidance for you.
  • A soul-companion looks deeply into you, into your spirit, and affirms the growth and change the Dark Night may be asking of you. She believes in your capabilities and strengths- and in the fact that you will reconnect with Life and Spirit again.
  • A soul-companion can offer real and deep encouragement, because she has travelled this path before. She knows what the dark walls of this cave feel like. She knows how to keep a bit of fire going to make one step forward. And a soul-companion will walk next to you as well as call you forward towards the light.
  • A soul companion helps you learn that it’s okay to make mistakes in the course of becoming who you are (mistakes are great, actually).
  • A soul companion does not judge. She’s seen it all before. Nothing is too weird, spiritually. You can feel accepted and safe.


I am Joanna, The Naked Mystic, and I’m here to help you through the Dark Night of the Soul. I’ve been through two or three of these myself- I know the path. It is dark, and it can be tricky, but you will make it out. I can help you.

In my own travels on the spiritual path, I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes in the course of becoming who you are (mistakes are great, actually). I learned to be gentle with myself as I grew. I learned that fixing and healing and growing are easier when we have support.

I am an ordained Interfaith minister. Which means I know about many different spiritual paths- I have resources and tools that can be tailored to your needs. I am also a Health Educator and have my Master’s in Social Work. My training is holistic, grounded, and integrates many areas. My years of meditation and spiritual growth have also developed my intuitive skills, which is an important component of how I help my clients.

If you want help navigating the Dark Night of the Soul, that is part of what I do.

The Dark Night of the Soul Spiritual Counseling Program Overview

  1. Walking the path together, we use traditional and modern spiritual ideas, texts, symbols and practices to work through a gentle, collaborative process that brings healing and self-made (and sustained) joy.
  2. Each session addresses your personal needs at the moment. Sometimes that may be a space to vent and cry, sometimes that may be information about a new idea or perspective, sometimes that may be reaching for a new spiritual goal or understanding.
  3. We take each session as it comes, using counseling, coaching, education, and my intuition to determine what you need to feel supported, cared for, and connected.
  4. The Dark Night Program is completed over the course of six months, with three sessions each month.

Value: $500/month (6 month minimum; 3 sessions per month)

I want to keep this intuitive, soul-freeing journey as simple as possible for you so you can heal, grow, and thrive in your own skin.

This is your moment to grab a compassionate hand and not feel so alone anymore.

Contact me today by filling out the form below and to start the process.

It’s time to heal.

Disclaimer: Spiritual matters are deep and personal, so please know that all contacts with this site are private and never shared. If you wish to remain anonymous, that is fine (just type a letter in the name box!), but I do need a way to reliably contact you. Thanks!