The Intuitive Alchemy Sessions

There are times in life when we need and want wise advice.

It may be that life is confusing for us. Perhaps there are too many – or not enough – choices available. Or we might need an answer to a long-standing question. Maybe something is weighing heavy on our hearts or minds, we just don’t know where we are on the path in our life, or we keep walking over the same territory time and time again without success.

It’s in these moments when a supportive hand would ease the discomfort we feel inside and help us (re)discover our path. But in those difficult spaces, reaching out for help can feel like we’ve failed.

You have not failed.

Taking suggestions from books or friends can be a great resource, but really fixing your situation takes support and accountability that’s designed specifically for your situation. Answering long-standing, important questions is different than dealing with a heavy heart (no less valuable – just different), and it needs to be treated that way.

Answers have to be deeply personal and unique to find true clarity. Let’s discover them together.

Imagine how calming it would feel to spill out all the details of what’s going on in life. Maybe laughing, maybe crying, but knowing that you’ve been heard- deeply listened to and accepted.

This kind of support comes from someone who has been where you are.

Someone who knows what tools work to answer questions. And who will honestly answer your questions.

Someone who knows when to dig for answers alongside you, and when to make you dig for yourself. Who has gotten to the other side of the problem and can offer encouragement. Honest encouragement. Not clichés or stereotypes.

Someone who knows the ways in which we get blinded by our own ideas and can help you pry them open so new light can shine on the issue.

Through my training and my own spiritual journey, I have gained the tools, strength, insight, and practices that will help you connect with Spirit, listen to your soul, and find your answers.


What I Can Do For You

  • Provide you with wise advice and objective support to any of the challenges or questions you face along your journey.
    Help you find your connection to the Divine, even if it feels long lost.
  • Shine light on what the heck Spirit is asking of us (God can be confusing, you know?)
  • Attain healing and support for issues to do with spirituality, sexuality, developing a new spiritual practice or understanding, or exploring spirituality for the first time, accepting one’s gifts, uncovering the meaning of a difficult life situation, and plain old spiritual life guidance.
  • Teach you how to see mistakes as useful learning experiences and what you can get out of them.
  • Provide intuitive insight.

I’m here to blow open your ideas about what it means to relate to and with Spirit and help you find your proper – and loved – path. A path that is your unique, honest, and fulfilled spiritual journey.

The Intuitive Alchemy Session Program Overview

  1. Together we will use both traditional and modern spiritual ideas, texts, symbols and practices, counselling, coaching, and education, to work collaboratively to find you the answers and support you crave.
  2. When it helps, I throw my intuitive skills into the mix, too.
  3. Each session is designed to help you reach a specific goal around your spiritual needs such as learning new spiritual practices, increasing spiritual knowledge, finding your own life wisdom, clearing limiting beliefs, and integrating spirituality into your life.
  4. We take each session as it comes, determining what you need to feel supported, listened to, and answered.
  5. Intuitive Alchemy is 9-session program, completed over the course of 3 months.

Value: $500/month (3 sessions per month)

I want to keep this intuitive, soul-freeing journey as simple as possible for you so you can heal, grow, and thrive in your own skin.

This is your moment to find more grace. More beauty. More good. More support. More pleasure. More connection. More you.

Contact me today by filling out the form below and to start the process.

It’s time to have the support and clarity you deserve.

Disclaimer: Spiritual matters are deep and personal, so please know that all contacts with this site are private and never shared. If you wish to remain anonymous, that is fine (just type a letter in the name box!), but I do need a way to reliably contact you. Thanks!